Titanfall 2, One Of The Best Shooters Ever Made, Is Only $2.99 On Xbox Right Now

For less than three dollars (or Euros, depending on your preference), you can now play one of the best shooters–nay, the best GAMES ever made. I of course speak of Titanfall 2, Respawn Entertainment’s magnum opus.

You might be wondering why we’re evangelizing a game that’s over five years old. Sure, Titanfall 2 doesn’t have some of the more modern bells and whistles like HDR or ray tracing, take it from someone who’s played this game quite recently: Titanfall 2 still holds up. More than holds up, even. Titanfall 2 is still a fantastic-looking game despite having been around for half a decade already.

It looks good, sure, but Titanfall 2 plays even better than it looks. This isn’t the game that invented wall-running, but it did perfect it. You can double jump, you can skitter up and along walls, you can launch yourself from building to building and catapult yourself onto a speeding spaceship with the help of your robot pal BT. Titanfall 2 still is the benchmark for mobility that all games must measure themselves against.

Speaking of your robot pal, BT-7274 has some of the best character growth in a video game, and especially for a largely monotone robot. By the end of the game, you really care for BT despite the fact that he’s really just a bucket of iron and silicon. He becomes more than just your giant pet robot–he becomes your best friend.

I won’t spoil the ending, but thinking about it still brings a tear to my eye.

And if you thought it was just crazy mobility mechanics and a robot friend to drag you into Titanfall 2, think again. Effect and Cause is perhaps the greatest set of missions to feature a brand new mechanic that came out of nowhere, ever. All the weapons have that great feeling that you might recall from Apex Legends, but this is where Apex got started. And the story–my gosh, Titanfall 2 feels epic in a way that few other games can achieve.

If you want to feel like you’ve been through a rollercoaster of an action game, you owe it to yourself to play Titanfall 2. I didn’t even get into the multiplayer, enemy AI, or voice acting, but all of it is superb.

And now you’ve got no excuse. Xbox Live Gold subscribers can pick up Titanfall 2 for just $2.99 (or €2.99 if you’re European) right now. If you’re not an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, $19.99 is still well worth the price of admission. Titanfall 2 is also totally free if you’ve got an EA Play subscription, which you already do if you’ve signed on to Xbox Game Pass.

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