Towers: Zelda Breath of the Wild meets No Man’s Sky in this amazing new game

Every so often a game trailer comes out that instantly takes your breath away. This is all the more impressive with the team behind it isn’t a big name. Dreamlit Entertainment released a trailer for a game called Towers last week and it looks utterly bewitching. 

The first thing that hits when watching it is the visual style. It has that wonderful artistic style that has something almost No Man’s Sky about it, just sheer wonder. 

Then you see the character jumping off of a cliff and using a paraglider to get to safety. This instantly evokes feelings of Breath of the Wild, easily one of the best games of all time. 

To see that these games are clearly an inspiration here makes for an incredibly interesting cocktail. The idea of a sandbox style Breath of the Wild experience is hard to wrap your head around. After all, the game itself was hardly limiting. 

It’s also nice to see the developers interact with fans so passionately and free from some of the PR that comes with being a big name.

They had this to say in the comments: 

Hi all! this is the dev. We are so happy to see all the positive comments! Please share and help spread the words to make this game a reality. And YES! 80% of the videos recorded are network replicated gameplay footages from a modified UE4 replay system. If you’re a game dev, you can appreciate the difficulty to make creature climbing multiplayer working. And we mostly have it! only a few visual kinks left to polish. Will have more updates as we get close to GDC. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch the long trailer.

We know it’s a bit too long 😛 Also, if you’re a fan of an old mech game called Hawken, we are the same core developers. Please visit our facebook page and share your ideas and thoughts! Many of your guesses for our inspiration are dead on. SOTC, BOTW, Nausicaa, Mononoke, Harvest Moon…omg I just realize they’re all Japanese games! @0@”

The game looks wonderful and if it lives up to this trailer is sure to be an intriguing and enjoyable experience. 

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