TPCAST Air for Oculus Go Begins Shipping to EMEA Markets

Wireless virtual reality (VR) solutions provider TPCAST made a name for itself helping consumers free their HTC Vive’s and Oculus Rift’s from being tethered their PC’s. So you wouldn’t have thought its second generation technology, TPCAST Air, would be a natural fit for a standalone device like Oculus Go. But that’s exactly what the company has now launched across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

What TPCAST Air for Oculus Go does in fact do is allow businesses to easily link their PC to the wireless headset, allowing them to showcase content quickly and hassle-free.

Designed for industries like construction, engineering, architecture and interior design, as well as education, and even fitness (VR spin class anyone?), the solution can support different 3-DOF or 6-DOF standalone VR headsets, with Oculus Go targeted first.

TPCAST Air was revealed during CES 2019 and began shipping to the Chinese market in February 2019. It supports multi-user applications so in time location-based entertainment (LBE) venues such as VR arcades could use the technology to stream content rather than users having to wear bulky backpack PC’s. TPCAST has even mentioned plans to support Oculus Quest in the future.

“TPCAST air simplifies the set-up process significantly by eliminating the need for external sensors or similar tracking equipment. By combining best of both worlds – high quality rendered content from a PC with a great display on an easy-to-use headset – TPCAST has once more done a major step forward in increasing the acceptance of VR solutions for enterprises,” says Reiner Pes, General Manager – EMEA, in a statement.

Curently, TPCAST Air for Oculus Go is being sold as a single user system, which means you get TPCAST Air and an Oculus Go headset for €569 including VAT. As it’s only for business use, the kit can only be ordered through TPCAST’s authorized distributor Schenker Technologies. Business enquires can also be sent to [email protected].

With the rise of standalone headsets, TPCAST has needed to modify its business as companies start to put a greater onus on all-in-one, easy to use VR devices. VRFocus will continue its coverage of TPCAST, reporting back with further developments as they’re announced.

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