Trials Of Osiris Delayed Once Again Due To Unforeseen Glitch In Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Beyond Light brought a bunch of new content, including a new Darkness-based subclass, Europa, and the Cosmodrome. Last weekend, Destiny 2 had its first new raid in over a year, with Clan Luminous taking top honors in the World First competition.

But Beyond Light has also taken away a lot of content too, from destinations to sunsetted weapons and armor. Another piece of content that was removed–although Bungie clearly never intended to–was Trials of Osiris.

The hyper-competitive PvP game mode was supposed to return the first weekend after Beyond Light dropped on November 10, but due to several factors (mostly a complete broken Witherhoard and an over-tuned Warlock Stasis subclass), they delayed the return of Trials of Osiris until November 27.

That’s today. And now Bungie is saying that Trials is still going to be delayed for a little bit longer due to a “recently discovered issue.”

“Due to a recently discovered issue, Trials of Osiris has been disabled for this week,” Bungie announced on Twitter. “We are currently investigating to determine when it will return.”

As usual, Bungie did not explicitly state what led to the decision to delay Trials for yet another week, but there are a few theories. First, as noted by GernarderJake, there are quite a few Crucible maps where the previous out-of-bounds areas have been completely removed, allowing players to shoot opponents from nearly-invisible locations.

Speaking of invisible, the Titan Behemoth subclass apparently has a glitch that renders them completely invisible. It can be easily replicated, according to streamer Luckyy, and as such would provide Titan’s an unfair advantage in competitive play.

And then there’s this bug that gives The Lament–an Exotic sword that was recently unlocked after last weekend’s World First Raid–an unlimited ammo supply.

If I had to guess, I’d put money on the invisible Titan issue. The Lament could have just been disabled, but there’s no way to disable an entire subclass to keep it out of competitive play. As such, Bungie had to delay Trials until a fix could be found.

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