Trials Of Osiris Exploit Has Destiny 2 Pros Farming Weaker Players

If you’ve noticed that your Sunday night Trials of Osiris matches have been sweatier than usual, you’re right. It turns out that there’s an exploit in Destiny 2 that allows highly-skilled PvP Guardians to farm lower-skilled players for Adept weapons and Ascendant Shards.

The exploit takes advantage of the Flawless Pool that opens up every Sunday. This matchmaking pool is intended to remove the best players (ie. those that go seven wins with zero losses) and match them against each other at the end of each Trials weekend. This removes those high-skill players from the general matchmaking pool and lets some of the better, but not quite best players, go Flawless themselves.

However, high-tier players have complained about the Flawless pool because it suddenly makes their matches much more difficult. Going Flawless in the Flawless pool means beating the best Destiny 2 players in the game, so most Guardians only ever go Flawless once, limiting their potential rewards.

The exploit, as revealed by Destiny 2 YouTuber Cheese Forever, lets a player keep their flawless record without actually being placed in the Flawless matchmaking pool. Because end-of-match rewards are based on how many wins you have on your card, being able to reliably win with a Flawless card means more Adept weapons and Ascendant shards so long as you can keep winning. And it’s much easier to win so long as you’re night fighting against the best Destiny 2 players out there.

So, what’s the exploit? Just don’t go to the Lighthouse. In a normal Flawless run, the Lighthouse is the ultimate goal, a guaranteed Adept weapon and masterworking materials. But it’s just one weapon. By not going to the Lighthouse, the matchmaker doesn’t actually place the player in the Flawless pool despite being a Flawless player. This lets them continue matching against players that aren’t quite good enough to go Flawless, letting pro players farm them for Ascendant Shards and Adept weapon drops.

The only good news is that this should be a fairly easy fix for Bungie now that the exploit is more widely known: just make the Flawless matchmaker look at cards rather than whether or not the player goes to the Lighthouse. The bad news is we have to wait for the fix to come in, which means Trials farmers are likely to get as much loot as they can before the exploit gets patched.

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