Troy Baker Still Wants To Play Daredevil’s Matt Murdock

Troy Baker – recently known for portraying Joel in The Last of Us series – is no stranger to voicing what roles he wants to play. His dream role of late is to portray Daredevil himself, but there’s currently no game to make his dream come true… or is there?

Baker has admitted his desire to play the lawyer-turned-Hell’s Kitchen vigilante in the past, and he’s only gone and piped up about it again. Responding to a tweet by “joe_fayant”, Baker brought out the eyes emoji after the user suggested that an open world Daredevil game should be made with the actor in the lead role. Music to his ears. The user also suggested that the game could take place in the same universe as Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man – which is not a bad idea.

A Daredevil game has been in the works before, and we got to see some leaked footage of a cancelled project from 2003. Marvel was set to release a game for PS2 and PC almost 20 years ago, but the game was inevitably shelved after a disagreement between Sony and Marvel. Instead, the PS2 generation got to see Spider-Man swing into the spotlight, and the character has dominated current-gen and last-gen platforms as well. This raises the possibility that someone, somewhere must be developing a title for the devil, and Baker should be first in line because of his talents and enthusiasm.

VP and head of creative at Marvel Games Bill Rosemann sadly burst Baker’s bubble and the hopes of Daredevil fans last year, when he confirmed that there was no Daredevil game in development. Baker and Rosemann had a public creative exchange about a possible video game starring the Man Without Fear, but it was sadly nothing more than a brainstorming session.

Baker is not shy when it comes to making his dreams known. The actor also showed interest in playing a small role in HBO’s upcoming The Last of Us adaptation. During one of his livestreams, Baker stated that he would love to be known for playing a clicker on the show, whilst also mentioning that he wants to be “blown up by Joel”.

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