Tsareena Officially Confirmed For Pokemon Unite

Dataminers have been proven right once again: Tsareena is joining the Pokemon Unite roster. The grass-type icon is set to be an All-Rounder, giving the category some much needed new blood.

The announcement comes alongside a trailer showing Tsareena in action, giving us a taste of what to expect when it launches in the store.

If the leak that predicted her inclusion is completely accurate, then we won't be waiting long at all to play as the Gen 7 'mon. Dataminers had her launch date as December 9, so in exactly a week's time. This would make sense given her announcement today, although the official channels are oddly quiet at the time of writing.

Further still, it's possible Tsareena won't even cost us any of the game's microcurrency – for a limited time at least. The update data it was spotted in listed it as a “commemorative update gift”, suggesting we'll all get our own Tsareena for free as long as we remember to log in. Given Pokemon Unite's love of monetization, however, it's probably unlikely to remain this way. Again, the Unite Twitter account hasn't shed any light on this promotion, or revealed an in-store price.

Pokemon Unite it available to download for free now, exclusive to Nintendo Switch and mobile. Crossplay and cross-progression is enabled, so you can switch between the two platforms.

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