Turns Out There’s No Limit To How Many Burritos You Can Order In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 is over a year old now, but its secrets are still being discovered. Funnily enough, this one was actually hiding in plain sight all along – right in V's apartment which we get early on in the game.

As it happens, there is actually nothing put in place to stop you from filling your entire room with burritos. Using the handy burrito vending machine right by the bed, you can bleed through your bank account and endlessly mash the order button, with stock never running out. This redecoration strategy was spotted by a Cyberpunk fan over on Reddit, who posed proudly with their collection of snacks.

The Reddit user, very fittingly called ARoyaleWithCheese, has amassed too many burritos to count – enough for their V to lay upon, rather than the bed. This is handy, because I'm pretty sure they won't be accessing the bed anytime soon. As the player explains, when the machine says it has run out, a save and reload will instantly restock it for whatever reason, allowing you to purchase as many as your eurodollar count allows.

In case you're wondering, yes, this will probably mess up your game. Answering a question from a curious commenter, ARoyaleWithCheese says that while the framerate doesn't drop in the apartment, the sheer amount of items on the floor did cause game crashes. But let's be honest, I think it's fair enough that the developers didn't accommodate this interior design decision.

With any luck, future updates will add legitimate ways to add our own unique spin on V's apartment – one that doesn't involve spending all of our money on fast food. CD Projekt Red has already confirmed that a big patch for all platforms is on the cards, but hasn't elaborated on what this will actually include. The long-awaited next-gen patch is also on the way, planned for early 2022. However, we're now in the first week of the new year, and we still don't have anything more specific than that.

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