Twitch Is Limiting Viewers Who Ad-Block To 480p, But There’s Already A Fix

Twitch’s recent scandal has been targeting players that dare to use an ad-block. Apparently, Twitch viewers reported a drop in stream quality to 480p, kicking off a tidal wave of complaints throughout the gaming community.

The bizarre issue gained attention during one of Tyler1’s livestreams, when his viewers began complaining. The League of Legends streamer confirmed that the drop in quality was not caused by anything on his end. However, he was soon updated by viewers that this problem was only occurring with ad-block users. Tyler was clearly puzzled by the situation, and was sure that it had something to do with a “bug in Twitch’s coding”.

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The issue at hand was clearly no bug, however, as numerous Twitch viewers began to complain on Reddit. According to multiple sources, the ad-block in question was the browser extension uBlock Origin and its latest script, which caused the quality to drop. As Twitch is a free service, ads are vital to the platform’s sustainability, and ad-blockers consequently stop streamers and Twitch from reaping its benefits. While a Twitch spokesperson told Dot Esports that “its goal isn’t to target ad-block users”, various streamers felt like the platform had ulterior motives.

Streamer Lowco exposed Twitch’s strategy on Twitter by posting a screenshot of its PSA. The brief statement alerted users towards “a third-party tool or browser extension that [was] impacting site performance”, and recommended that the “best Twitch experience” would be unlocked after they “support the team”. Lowco highlighted that Twitch was running these notifications – every ten minutes – in order to irritate users enough to disable their ad-blockers.

Redditor thesbros recently uploaded a potential fix to the problem, that featured a step-by-step guide on how to install a new standalone extension for uBlock Origin, for Chrome and Firefox. Some users reported that this method was a quick fix that stopped Twitch’s pestering notifications. It was also reported by multiple sources that Twitch recently fixed the issue itself by removing its uBlock detection in the platform’s latest update.

Twitch has recently announced its GlitchCon event, which will begin broadcasting on November 14. The 12-hour event will showcase over 400 Twitch creators in the roles of hosts, judges and competitors, as they undertake various competitions.

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