Twitch Rivals’ Next Tournament Could Be Killer Instinct

It looks like Twitch Rivals might be gearing up for another throwback tournament. The competitive series, made for Twitch streamers, has just wrapped up a successful Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament back in November. Now they are sending out some not-so-subtle tweets that hint at another throwback franchise, Killer Instinct, taking center stage for a tournament.

The official Twitch Rivals Twitter has tweeted out a short video clip that has no actual imagery. The six-second clip simply shows a rotating purple question mark accompanied by some familiar music in the background.

That music is actually the iconic theme from the Killer Instinct franchise, which actually has a Donkey Kong connection. According to the response to this tweet Killer Instinct still has an active fanbase behind it. Along with the clip, the account tweeted a “thinking” emoji. All of this suggests that Twitch Rivals is getting ready to launch another tournament with Killer Instinct.

Not only is the tweet a big clue, but the involvement of Maximilian “Maximilian Dood” Christiansen is more evidence for a Killer Instinct tournament. For those who don’t know, Max is a figurehead for the Fighting Game Community and was in charge of the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament with Twitch Rivals. As soon as Twitch Rivals tweeted out the short clip, Max quote-tweeted the post with a winking emoji. It appears he will be involved with, or more likely running another tournament for the service like he did back in November.

Not to mention, Max has a bit of history with Killer Instinct. Not only is he a vocal fan of the game, but he also worked on the reboot that released for Xbox One back in 2013. He worked with developers Iron Galaxy as an editor for promotional material, character trailers, and the Story Mode for the game’s second and third seasons. He has also spearheaded the hashtag “BringBackKI” in recent years where he hoped to revitalize the competitive scene of the game or push for a new entry to be developed for the series.

Of course, no details have been offered for what the tweet may mean, but there is plenty of evidence pointing towards a Killer Instinct tournament happening in the near future!

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