Twitter User Sends Wii U In For Repairs, Gets Back Wedding Ring

2020 has been a rough one, to say the least, but one lucky man was at least was able to turn an ugly situation into something a little more feel-good after his broken Wii U was returned in working condition along with his lost wedding ring. How’d that get in there?

Nintendo may have ended Eshop support for the Wii U in most places and has slowly been porting over old favorites to the new and improved Switch, but some folks may still want their console in working condition for some of those few Wii U exclusives. Perhaps what’s even more surprising than the findings in this story is the fact that Nintendo is apparently still servicing the old console in Japan.

In a tweet from Sam_nama and translated by Cheesemeister3k, Sam mentions that he sent his Wii U in for repairs only for his missing wedding ring to turn up. It seems he knew there was something stuck in there, but wasn’t quite sure just what it was.

A little further digging into the comments reveals that his daughter may be the culprit behind the ring snatching and Wii U sabotaging, whoops! Her mischievous (and honestly, adorable) antics led her dad to plenty of Twitter attention as users have clamored to talk about the Wii U and have given the console more attention in the last 24 hours than it’s probably seen in years. And don’t worry, the service charge totally covered the ring extraction and console cleaning, so this dad didn’t have to shell out any additional funds to get his ring home.

The Wii U may long have been forgotten otherwise, but the console’s rocky legacy still had a few stand out titles in its brief life. Beloved games like Pikmin 3, Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Bayonetta, and many more, have already released on the console’s successor, the Switch, to serve as a better home. You may not have many fond memories of the Wii U, but at least let this be one.

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