Ubisoft Is Giving Away Starlink: Battle For Atlas

So, remember Starlink: Battle for Atlas? That Ubisoft toys-to-life game that turned out to just be Star Fox in disguise? Well, it’s free now on PC, but you probably won’t want it because it has none of the Star Fox content that made it so great on the Nintendo Switch.

Starlink initially launched with just Fox McCloud as an available pilot, but the rest of the Star Fox gang arrived in the big Crimson Moon update last April. That’s when Starlink also arrived on PC with full support for Xbox and DualShock controllers, but it wasn’t really enough to push sales anywhere near where they needed to be. Especially since nobody bought the actual toys that were supposed to be the main selling point of the game, leading to their discontinuation around the same time as the PC launch last year.

The game was most successful on the Nintendo Switch because of all the exclusive Star Fox content. According to Steamcharts, there are exactly three people playing Starlink on Steam as of the time of this writing, although there are certainly going to be more playing on Ubisoft’s platform, especially given the free Christmas giveaway.

Starting from now until tomorrow at 5 AM PST (8 AM EST) you can download Starlink: Battle for Atlas totally free for PC on Ubisoft Connect. This is the standard digital version of the game which does not include all the starships, pilots, or weapons. You’ll have to unlock those yourself by either playing the game or via microtransactions.

Again, we need to stress that there’s no Star Fox present in the PC-only version of Starlink: Battle for Atlas. If you want to play the closest thing to a real Star Fox game in recent memory, your only option is to buy Starlink on the Nintendo Switch. Otherwise, you’re just getting a fairly generic space shooter with RPG elements and a whole lot of microtransactions.

But a free game’s a free game, and Ubisoft will give away another one tomorrow.

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