Ubisoft Is Reportedly Working On Pathfinder, A New Third-Person Battle Royale

Ubisoft is reportedly working on a new third-person battle royale called Pathfinder.

Gaming insider Tom Henderson, who has previously reported on some of the games in development at Ubisoft, reported for eXputer yesterday that Ubisoft is currently working on a new third-person battle royale named Pathfinder, although it's speculated Pathfinder could just be a codename for the project as it's reportedly in "very early" in development.

Henderson reports that images and videos from the game show it to be a third-person battle royale that has a team of four players dropping into a map and trying to find a path through to an AI boss, presumably in some sort of race against other players. To get to the centre of the map, players will have to get past an outer wall and an inner wall, each with its own gates that are either breachable or locked, something that reportedly switches during each game to mix up the experience.

While trying to get to the middle of the map, players (known as Heroes) will be fighting other AI enemies to level up their characters and get access to new abilities and weapons. Each hero will have their own abilities, but it's not currently known what they might be as the game is still early in development. When not trying to get to the middle of a map, players will be able to go to a hub area that is similar to the Tower in Destiny, letting players meet up with one another to compete in social activities.

If a Ubisoft developed battle royale sounds familiar, that's because it recently tried to get in on the trend with Hyper Scape, which is shutting down at the end of the month. Interestingly, Henderson reports that the videos and images that he's seen of Pathfinder have a very similar graphical style to Hyper Scape, although from a third-person perspective this time instead of first-person. Whether that's intentional or not isn't clear, but considering how Hyper Scape performed, it's probably not a purposeful link.

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