Ubisoft Made An Inside-Out Coffee Mug Due To A Production "Bug"

For some reason, Ubisoft China made a coffee mug with a handle on the inside.

We’re used to Ubisoft games often arriving as a bug-filled mess, but this is the first time we’ve seen Ubisoft release a physical product with a production bug so obvious it just really makes you wonder who the hell is in charge over there.

The story comes from Daniel Ahmad, Dynasty Warriors enthusiast and analyst for the Asian games market. He posted a very interesting image from an upcoming product line between Chinese clothier Sheepedia and Ubisoft China.

It’s a mug, but the handle is on the inside.

According to Ahmad, the weird handle is a result of a production “bug.” So it’s good to know that Ubisoft doesn’t playtest any of their products, regardless of whether or not they can be patched post-release.

Ahmad goes on to explain that Ubisoft China often likes to make fun of their own missteps, and this whole thing might just be a publicity stunt. Even so, it backfired, as now people are asking Sheepedia if they can actually buy the inside-out mug.

In other Ubisoft news, Watch Dogs: Legion will apparently feature an illegal ring of human organ harvesters, which has some pretty scary real-world parallels.

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