Ubisoft Quartz NFTs Aren’t Selling Despite Lots Of Trades

Many video game companies are currently trying to get into NFTs despite constant fan and media backlash. Stalker 2 recently performed a non-fungible u-turn after strongly negative reception to the proposed NFT integration into the game, but Ubisoft has decided to march on against the current. TheGamer checked on the Ubisoft Quartz marketplaces to see if the playable NFTs are selling – they aren't.

One marketplace, Objkt, has seen a total sales volume of 94.49 Tezos since December 15 when the final batch of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFTs went live. There are three thousand tokens in the marketplace, but the value of these sales totals only $377.57. No sales have been made in the last 24 hours – an embarrassing display showing even when in-game NFTs are given out for free, the gaming community at large isn't bothered by them.

The platform has seen only nine sales of Ubisoft Quartz NFTs since December 15, yet the tokens have changed hands almost 100 times. Initially, many accounts were giving M4A1 Tactical Wolves items to one user, KT1FvqJwEDWb1Gwc55Jd1jjTHRVWbYKUUpyq. That account hasn't purchased a single one, yet they're somehow constantly receiving them.

Anyone is free to go on these marketplaces and look through someone's activity, such as sales, purchases, transfers, and listings, and see that what's going on doesn't make any sense. If NFTs are about making money, why are so many people seemingly giving Ubisoft's away for free?

Ubisoft Quartz states "Digits [In-game NFTs] enable you to put your items on sale to other eligible players," but as TheGamer has discovered, the sales haven't even hit double digits yet. The largest single sale was for 40 Tezos, currently valued at $157.05. Rarible has traded just over double the amount of Tezos Ojbjkt has, but the total amount only adds up to $757.78. The highest listing is up for the ludicrous sum of 694,200 Tezos ($2.7 million), but, unsurprisingly, no one has bought it at that price.

It's a sad state of affairs considering Ubisoft sees Quartz as the next step in a four-year long exploration of blockchain. At the moment, the project looks like a failure at best, and the marketplace for financial shenanigans at worst.

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