Ubisoft Unveils New Space VR Game AGOS, Coming To Oculus And Valve Index

Ubisoft has just revealed its latest VR game, AGOS (for A Game Of Space), coming to Steam and Oculus VR on October 28.

In the not-too-distant future, humanity is forced to leave Earth, and you are the last to go. Humanity will rely on advanced AIs to help guide them to their next home where they can rebuild civilization.

The mysterious game will see you piloting spacecraft around, collecting resources, researching new technologies, and doing whatever it takes to keep your ships full of fragile humans running. The ships appear to be highly modular – you can switch out components for the task at hand, as the trailer shows a boring head being installed to drill into a passing asteroid.

Here is Ubisoft’s response to allegations of misconduct within the company:

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