Ukrainian Dev Frogwares Launches Kickstarter For Sherlock Holmes Title After Legal Battles And Relocation

Frogwares has announced its latest project will actually be a remake of one of its older titles. Sherlock Holmes The Awakened was initially released for PC back in 2007, remastered in 2008, and will now be remade for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and the Nintendo Switch.

"We are thrilled to announce Sherlock Holmes The Awakened, a full remake & substantial rewrite of our 2006 Lovecraft-Sherlock crossover," wrote Frogwares in today’s announcement. Frogwares plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon in order to "secure the final parts of production."

In addition to being remade for modern hardware, Sherlock Holmes The Awakened will also be rewritten to be "a continuation of young Sherlock's story and the mind-breaking horrors he and Watson faced in their first big case together."

Frogwares has had a tough time over the past year and a half. An ongoing legal dispute over The Sinking City with former publisher Nacon has sucked a lot of Frogwares’ energy and resources, and according to Frogwares, has also resulted in lost revenue. Then relocation costs following the Russian invasion of Ukraine took whatever money Frogwares had left. A timely Epic MegaGrant helped immensely in relocating the studio to nearby European countries, but this Kickstarter announcement makes it clear that Frogwares is still hurting for cash to fund development of their next title.

Frogwares released some teaser images back in May, and today’s announcement followed up with some concept art showing the spooky Lovecraftian horror elements we’ve come to expect from the Ukrainian developer. You can sign up on Kickstarter to be notified when the campaign begins, or follow Frogwares on Twitter to stay tuned for the announcement.

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