Unannounced Sonic Origins Plus Rating Leaks

Sonic had one of his biggest years ever in 2022 between a big-screen sequel and the start of its third generation of games through Sonic Frontiers. Tucked in between those two very big deals was the arrival of Sonic Origins. A collection of the blue blur's original games that may well be getting a bigger version soon if a rating for a Plus edition of Origins is anything to go by.

First spotted by Gematsu, and shared by Eurogamer, is a rating for Sonic Origins Plus that has popped up on the South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee's website. There doesn't appear to be anything more about what the updated collection might include, although this is the first reference to it even existing so is pretty big news all by itself.

Sega's Takashi Iizuka did confirm at the turn of the year that 2023 will be another big one for Sonic. Yes, Frontiers DLC and Sonic Prime season two have already been announced, but a claim as big as that will have made plenty of people think there's also a little more. A Sonic Origins Plus would certainly fit that description, and if the Korean ratings board is anything to go by, people can start to speculate on what else might be added to the collection for its Plus edition.

Sega has been putting a Plus on the end of some of its Sonic games for decades. 2002's Sonic Mega Collection got a handful of Game Gear titles when it was re-released with a Plus, and Sonic Mania Plus included a boatload of additional content when it followed on from Mania's arrival. The most likely scenario for Origins is that its Plus collection will have a couple more games added into the mix on top of the four you can already play.

Since those original sidescroller games have already been gathered up and remastered numerous times, it's probably fair to say Sonic fans would like to see some other titles from the hedgehog's past remastered for modern audiences. The Adventure games, for example. Sega did give players a remastered version of Colors recently and launched it on Steam less than a week ago.

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