Unedited Gameplay Footage Of Doom 4 And Doom 2016 Released

YouTube channel Noclip has released the unedited footagedof id Software's cancelled project Doom 4 and development gameplay footage of Doom 2016 as part of their drive to preserve game history.

The nearly 12-minute long video begins with an intro with host Danny O'Dwyer on how Noclip visited id Software's offices in Texas in 2016 to talk about Doom 2016, and how they are now releasing that game and the cancelled Doom 4's assets to give viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their development.

Viewers can watch gameplay clips of a combat encounter with an imp, complete with the series' iconic shotgun, and one featuring melee combat for Doom 4. Overall, it's a fascinating insight into the doomed project (geddit?) and even in 2022 the gameplay clips are pretty impressive, showing a sewer-like environment with some nice animation work, and even music. The other clip, which focuses on melee, is more limited and appears to show something more like a testing room as we see the player stabbing an enemy.

Next up is footage from Doom 2016. The host notes that eagle-eyed viewers will notice that there are assets shown in the clip that are not in the final game – "that's because these are assets they've pulled over from the cancelled Doom 4 project," O'Dwyer explains.

The development footage preserves some of the medium's history while giving the public a look at how video games come together before they're finalised ready for shipping. The Doom 2016 footage shows off assets and animations, but things like the blood and gore that the game is famous for are not yet fully implemented. There are levels and designs that never made it into the final version.

The 2016 reboot of Doom has been a success for id Software, with players and critics enjoying the smooth and slick gunplay, the frenetic pace, and well-designed levels. It was a return to form for the series and the title was even ported to the Nintendo Switch, an impressive feat considering the hardware limitations. It spawned a sequel in the even higher regarded Doom Eternal.

While Doom 4 was cancelled and made way for something altogether more action-orientated, it's still neat to see the differences in direction the series could've taken. Noclips produce crowdfunded video game documentaries and this new release of unedited footage offers a revealing glimpse behind the scenes at one of video games' most illustrious developers.

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