UNIS Revives 'Pong' With Its Latest Mini Handheld

Retro gaming fans will be delighted to learn that UNIS Technology — the company behind the Pong coffee table — is now launching yet another gadget based on the famed Atari game from 1972, this time coming in a much more compact package you can take on the go with you.

Aptly named the Atari Mini PONG Jr. machine, the new device is basically a condensed version of the original arcade game. The entire body measures roughly 30cm long with a 7.9-inch LCD panel in the center sitting between two Atari-branded dials with which you’ll use to control your ‘paddles.’ As expected, it’s designed for two players but also carries 10 difficulty levels for solo players as well. Much like any other modern device, it’s powered by in-built lithium batteries that you can recharge via a USB cable.

There’s currently no official release date or pricing yet for UNIS Technology’s Atari Mini PONG Jr., but it’ll be available in North America later this year.

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