Unknown 9: Awakening Revealed, A Next-Gen Adventure Game From Reflector Entertainment

Revealed during Gamescom 2020, Unknown 9: Awakening is a new narrative-driven adventure game for PC and next-gen consoles that focuses on an outcast with mysterious powers. In the debut trailer, we see a young girl named Haroona discover her own supernatural abilities during a confrontation with bullies.

According to the developer Reflector, Awakening is a part of a larger story set within the universe of Storyworld, which brings different plots from multiple characters spanning across different mediums, from comic books, a podcast, and a full-length novel.

While the trailer was light on details, we can expect Awakening to focus on Haroona’s adventure as she comes to grips with her powers, and what it means for her place in the world. As described during the livestream, Unknown 9: Awakening is a next-gen game and PC game, though no release date has been announced at this time.

There’s much more to come with the show, so be sure to check back in with our roundup of Gamescom Opening Night Live’s biggest announcements for more.

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