Upcoming Overwatch 2 Update Will Address Lack Of Free Rewards

Overwatch 2 is full of skins and other collectables, but that's pretty pointless if you're playing for free. Right now, earning coins and completing challenges in Overwatch is so slow that you might as well not even bother. Further still, the free Battle Pass will rarely give you anything worthwhile. Like, seriously, we're all still using the basic Kirko skin. It's agony.

Thankfully, it seems like that could be about to change. As spotted by news account Overwatch Cavalry, a Blizzard dev has confirmed that the team is looking into ways to address how free players earn rewards. More specifically, the dev says they are hoping to fix the "lack of choice" in rewards, potentially implementing more ways to earn in-game currency.

"We have some updates coming in [season 3] that we’ll be talking about soon to help address the lack of choice in rewards," says Overwatch 2 executive producer, Jared Neuss. "I’ll keep it vague for now."

As Jared says himself, this is pretty vague. But the wording does suggest that Blizzard is looking into diversifying the ways in which we can earn rewards. This would make a lot of sense since right now, those of us not wanting to spend real-world money are largely limited to the meagre offerings on the free Battle Pass. Earning in-game currency via weekly challenges is hardly worth the hassle either, with many of us still not having enough for a single legendary skin.

In fact, it's so dire that sometimes not playing Overwatch is the best way to earn coins. As we've previously reported, some fans had resorted to earning currency in World of Warcraft, then converting it into Overwatch coins. Others had started using the Microsoft Rewards system to farm coins, which if you're curious, is a feature that works on all platforms.

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