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Copper Ore is an essential crafting material in V Rising. You'll need it to upgrade your gear, tools, and various workbenches around your castle. You can find various nodes of copper dotted around the map, or head to bandit mining camps for more concentrated ores.

This short but succinct guide covers where to mine it, how to craft Copper Ingots, and some general tips to make it easier to get a big stockpile of copper.

How To Get Copper In V Rising

Copper is essential on your path to progression in V Rising. You'll need it to raise your gear score. Here's how to get it.

Our favorite early game mining spot for Copper is at the Bandit Mining Camp. Here's where it's located on the map.

You will end up here as you hunt down Errol the Stonebreaker anyway. He's a difficult boss so if you're not just looking for some easy copper, it's better not to bother with him even though there are three nodes right next to his spawn.

There are multiple Copper nodes dotted throughout the mine. You need at least a Reinforced Bone Mace to harvest the copper.

Feed from the Miners/Workers around the copper camp. They will provide you a resource buff. Level two provides a 15-25% buff to resource destruction – really useful!

How To Refine Copper Ore

Gather a good few hundred Copper Ore before you leave the mine and then return to your castle. It's time to refine that Copper.

  • Construct a Furnace in your Castle. This requires a lot of Stone and 60 Copper Ore
  • Place the Copper Ore into the furnace and wait for it smelt
  • You can now use the copper to upgrade your gear to copper
  • We recommended crafting a Copper mace and then going back down to the camp for more ore

The Furnace is used for a variety of other smelting recipes, but you'll unlock these as you play.

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