Valheim: A Guide To Every Cape

If you want to explore Valheim’s dangerous biomes, you better be prepared to face all the challenges and enemies you’ll definitely encounter during your adventures. You can craft a few things to protect your Viking-self, like high-tier weapons or complete armor sets.

One piece of armor that you shouldn’t miss out on is capes; they add extra protection to your character and are the final touch to a fully complete armor set. There are six total capes available in the game; some of them are actually more accessible to make than others, so here is everything you need to know about capes in Valheim and how to craft them.

Deer Hide Cape

Alongside the Leather pants, Leather Tunic, and Leather Helmet, the Deer hide cape is the final piece in the Leather armor set. You’ll be able to craft this cape after discovering and collecting:

  • Deer Hide: You’ll find this item in the chests that are in the Meadows and Black Forest biomes or as a loot drop from Deer. You can also get deer hide by destroying the Tanning racks found in Fuling Villages.
  • Bone Fragments: This item is a loot drop from the Skeletons and Rancid remains that protect the Burial Chambers in the Black Forest biome. In that same biome, you can find bone fragments inside Troll caves.

Moving on, there is a chance you’ll obtain this item by mining Stone Graves and Viking Graveyards in the Meadows. If you’re in the Swamp biome, you can mine the Muddy scrap piles in the Sunken Crypts to get this item. Finally, you can also find bone fragments when killing Draugr or Draugr elites.

How to craft the Deer Hide cape

After collecting the two ingredients, you’ll need, head over to a Workbench and craft the cape. This armor piece will give you 1 armor point (which can later be upgraded, with each upgrade giving you an additional point).

Upgrades And crafting costs for the Deer Hide cape

To make the Deer hide cape for the first time, you’ll need four Deer Hides and five Bone Fragments. This primary state of the cape requires a level 2 Workbench, and it’ll have 400 durability.

For the first upgrade, you’ll need the same amount of ingredients. However, this time the Workbench will have to be at least level 3. It’s worth it as this upgrade increases the durability to 450 and the armor points to 2.

The second update requires more materials; this time, you’ll need 8 Deer Hides and ten Bone Fragments. Also, you’ll need a level 4 Workbench. With this upgrade, the durability goes up to 500 with 3 armor points.

The third and final upgrade requires 12 Deer Hides and 15 Bone Fragments. This time you’ll have to have a level 5 Workbench. Once the last upgrade is crafted, the Deer Hide cape will have 550 durability and 4 armor points.

Cape Of Odin

As you can imagine by reading its name, this cape is a precious asset most Valheim players will want to have. However, it isn’t that simple to obtain as the Cape of Odin is an exclusive item only available to beta players.

Still, if you’re one of the lucky ones that have the Steam code to redeem this cape, you can craft it in a level 1 Workbench using:

  • 10 leather scraps: An item that drops from boars can also be mined from Muddy scrap piles, or you can find it in the chests in the Meadows biome.
  • Four coal: This item is dropped by Surtlings but can also be found in random chests. You can also craft coal in the charcoal kilns (using wood, core wood, or fine wood) or in cooking stations (just overcook any type of meat and it will turn into coal).

Once crafted, the Cape of Odin will not only look cool and show your support to the game even when it was just in beta, but it has a 1500 durability and 1 armor point.

Linen Cape

You’ll unlock this recipe after finding Silver and Linen thread. This cape is part of the Padded set (alongside Padded greaves, Padded cuirass, and the Padded helmet). To craft the cape, you’ll need:

  • 20 Linen thread: an item you can craft in the spinning wheel using flax (a material found in the Fuling Villages that are in the Plains biomes).
  • 1 Silver: a material you can obtain from Silver Ore using the Smelter. Moreover, you’ll find Silver Ore by mining the Silver deposits that are in the Mountain biomes. You’ll need the Wishbone to locate the deposits and an Iron pickaxe to mine them.

How to craft the Linen Cape

Once you have everything, head over to a level 2 Workbench and craft the piece of armor; at first, it will only add 1 armor point, but that can increase with each update. Also, this cape will have a base durability of 1500.

Upgrades Costs for the Linen Cape

The Linen Cape’s first upgrade requires four Linen thread and a level 3 Workbench; this upgrade adds more durability to the cape capping at 1550. The second upgrade costs you eight Linen thread and requires a level 4 Workbench; with this one, the cape will have 1600 durability. Finally, for the third upgrade, you’ll need 12 Linen threads as well as a level 5 Workbench; this one results in the cape having 1650 durability.

Lox Cape

Lox aren’t just a wild beast to tame or a source of delicious meat. It turns out you can make a cape out of their pelts. This cape isn’t a part of an armor set, but you should definitely consider crafting one since it protects from the Freezing Effect your character gets when exploring the Mountain biome. The Lox Cape will protect you from the Cold Effect as well (unless you also have the Wet effect).

How to craft the Lox Cape

To craft this helpful cape, you’ll need a level 2 Workbench and the following materials:

  • Six Lox pelts: A loot drop from Lox, you’ll find these huge beasts in the Plains. A good thing to do if you want to farm Lox for their pelts is to tame them first, as they will no longer be aggressive towards you.
  • Two Silver: A material obtained from the Silver Ores mined from the Silver deposits.

Once crafted, the cape will have 1200 durability and 1 armor point (which you can increase by updating the cape)

Upgrades Costs for the Lox Cape

The first update for this cape requires two Lox pelt and a level 3 Workbench. This upgrade will increase the cape’s durability to 1250. The second upgrade costs four Lox pelts and needs a level 4 Workbench; this time, the cape’s durability will go up to 1300. The final upgrade requires six Lox pelts and a level 5 Workbench; with this one, the cape’s durability will be 1350.

Troll Hide Cape

This cape is part of the Troll Set (the other parts are the Troll leather pants, the Troll leather tunic, and the Troll leather helmet). If you like sneaking around, this is the set for you as wearing all the pieces from the set grants the player the Sneaky Effect (which basically gives players an additional 25% sneak).

How to craft the Troll Hide Cape

To craft this cape, you’ll need a level 3 Workbench as well as these materials:

  • 10 Troll hides: An item that is dropped when killing the Trolls that you can find in the Black Forest biomes. You could also find Troll hides in the chests that you can also find in that biome.
  • 10 Bone Fragments: A material you can obtain in the Black Forest biome (from Skeletons, Rancid remains, and inside Troll Caves), in the Meadows biome (from mining Stone Graves and Viking Graveyards), and in the Swamp biome (from killing Draugr and Draugr elites, or by mining the Muddy scrap piles in the Sunken Crypts)

Once crafted, this piece of armor will have 500 durability and 1 armor point (which increases with each upgrade).

Upgrades Costs for the Troll Hide Cape

This cape’s first upgrade requires a level 4 Workbench as well as five Troll hides and five Bone Fragments. It will increase the cape’s durability to 550. The second update requires 10 Troll hides and 10 Bone Fragments; this one increases the cape’s durability to 600 and can be crafted in a level 5 Workbench. The final update needs 15 Troll hides and 15 Bone Fragments; you can craft it in a level 6 Workbench to increase the cape durability to 650.

Wolf Fur Cape

Wolves are natural survivors, so you better bet using their pelts will give your character a nice boost. Using this cape grants resistance to the Cold Effect as well as the Freezing Effect, so it’s a good cape to craft if you’re planning a trip to the Mountain biome. Keep in mind that this cape is a part of the Wolf Set, with the other pieces being the Wolf armor legs, the Wolf armor chest, and the Drake helmet.

How to craft the Wolf Fur Cape

You’ll unlock the recipe for this cape by discovering Wolf pelts, Silver, and the Wolf trophy. Afterward, head over to a level 2 Workbench and craft the cape using these materials:

  • Six Wolf pelts: a loot drop from Wolves. To farm this easily, consider taming the wolves and let them breed. This way, the creatures won’t be aggressive towards you.
  • Four Silver: an item obtainable by smelting Silver ore.
  • One Wolf trophy: another loot drop from the Wolves; however, this one is super rare to get with each Wolf having a 10% chance of dropping it.

Either way, once you managed to collect all the ingredients, craft the cape and it will give you 1 armor point (with the possibility of increasing them via upgrades) and 1000 durability.

Upgrade Costs for the Wolf fur cape

This cape can be upgraded up to three times. This is what you’ll need:

  • The first upgrade brings the cape to a level 2 quality, meaning durability of 1200 and two armor points. This upgrade needs a level 3 Workbench as well as four Wolf pelts and two Silver.
  • The second upgrade takes the cape to a level 3 quality; this means that it’ll have 3 armor points and durability of 1400. To craft this upgrade, you’ll need a level 4 Workbench, eight Wolf pelts, and four Silver.
  • The third and final update costs 12 Wolf pelts and six Silver and requires a level 5 Workbench. However, it brings the cape to a level 4 quality which translates to 4 armor points and 1600 durability.

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