Valheim: All Aggresive Creatures In The Meadows And How To Deal With Them

The Meadows is the first biome you’ll encounter on Valheim; it is the starting zone where many Vikings will have to learn what it takes to survive in the after-life. In this biome, you’ll encounter basic resources like wood, Fine Wood, Flint, and Stone, as well as different consumables like Raspberries or Mushrooms.

Because the area is a starting zone, surviving in the Meadows won’t be that hard. However, that doesn’t mean that the biome is free of threats and enemies. In fact, you’ll encounter a fair amount of aggressive creatures that will attack you on sight. Here’s how to deal with them.


You’ll find these wild pigs nearby water and in abandoned farms. These guys travel in packs, so if you see one, there are usually more close by. It would help if you kept that fact in mind before approaching a boar since aggressive creatures can alert others of your location in a 10-meter range.

Boars have three levels of rarity:

  • 0- stars (these have 10 health and deal 10 Blunt damage)
  • 1-star (these have 20 health and deal 15 Blunt damage)
  • 2- stars (these have 30 health and deal 20 Blunt damage)

They also have three types of loot (Raw Meat, Leather Scraps, and Boar Trophy). Keep in mind that the higher a Boar’s rarity is, the more probable it is for said boar to drop a certain loot. For example, a 0-star board has a 50% chance of dropping Raw Meat, while a 1 star will always drop Raw Meat.

Finally, alongside Wolves and Lox, Boars are the other type of animals you can tame and later breed in the game.

How To Deal With Boars

Here are some quick tips for defeating boars.

  • Check how many stars the boar has so you’ll know just how much health it has and how much damage it can deal. That way, you can adequately prepare.
  • If you don’t have the weapons to fight back and a boar is chasing you, just keep running far away from it until you’re out of the boar’s sight.
  • These creatures have a repetitive pattern when they’re in “combat mode.” Boars charge, retreat, charge, etc., when attacking. So don’t think that the animal is done with you when it’s only temporarily retreating.
  • They are afraid of fire or fire-producing items (such as torches, bonfires, etc.)
  • When trying to capture a boar in order to tame it, you can use an abyssal harpoon to leash the creature (instead of using food or yourself to lure it in).
  • Boars are immune to Spirit, so don’t use any weapon that deals that kind of damage.


These lizard-like creatures spawn near streams of water in small groups. When killed, these guys drop Neck tail (which you can cook in the cooking station) or a Neck trophy. Like other creatures in Valheim, Necks have three different tiers of rarity:

  • 0-stars (they deal 9 Slash damage and have 10 health)
  • 1- star (they deal 6 Slash damage and have 5 health)
  • 2- stars (they deal 12 Slash damage and have 15 health)

Setting apart Neck by their rarity is easier because each tier has a different color. 0 stars Necks have green skin, 1-star Necks have light blue skin, and 2-star Necks have purple skin.

How To Deal With Necks

Killing these creatures doesn’t require that much strategy, just choose your weapon and attack them. Still, keep in mind that Necks are weak to fire, resistant to Poison, and immune to Spirit.

The Greyling

According to the game’s lore, these creatures were humans in the past, but they sinned in their life, so instead of coming back as a person, they reincarnate as seeds, staying in the ground until eventually, they grew into Greylings. This whole “reincarnating into seeds” story could explain why these creatures look like trees with arms and legs.

These creatures are the Greydwarf’s smaller counterparts and have three tiers of rarity.

  • 0-stars Greylings (they have 40 health and deal 5 Slash damage)
  • 1-star Greylings (they have 20 health and deal 7.5 Slash damage)
  • 2-stars Greylings (they have 60 health and deal 10 Slash damage)

How To Deal With A Greyling

Greylings are fairly small, so taking care of them won’t be too much trouble. They are very weak to Fire, resistant to Poison, and immune to Spirit. So choose the weapon you’re going to use against them accordingly. Once you kill one of these creatures, it will drop Resin which you can then use to craft or build things.

The Greydwarf

These creatures are usually found in the Black Forest biome, but they will spawn in the Meadows after you’ve defeated Eikthyr. Greydwarfs are the grown-up version of Greylings, and they usually attack at night time in groups of 1 to 3.

Killing one of these creatures will make them drop the following loot:

  • Greydwarf eye
  • Greydwarf trophy
  • Resin
  • Stone
  • Wood

Greydwarfs have three rarity tiers:

  • 0-stars (in this tier, they deal 14 Slash damage, 10 Blunt damage, and have 40 health)
  • 1-star (in this tier, they deal 21 Slash damage, 15 Blunt damage, and have 80 health)
  • 2-stars (in this tier, they deal 28 Slash damage, 20 Blunt damage, and have 120 health)

If you want to identify the rarity of a Greydwarf quickly, look at its colors. 0 stars Greydwarfs are brown, 1-star Greydwarfs have red bark, and 2 stars Greydwarfs are blue.

How To Deal With A Greydwarf

  • They have two types of attack, melee and throwing stones. Since they are scared of fire, you can hold a torch so they won’t get near you. However, this won’t prevent Greydwarfs from throwing stones at you.
  • These creatures are very weak to fire, resistant to Poison, and immune to Spirit.

Greydwarf Brutes

If you thought Greydwarfs were a tough enemy, wait until you see the Greydwarf Brute. This creature is taller, stronger, and, of course, tougher than your regular Greydwarf. But if you’re only starting the game, you can explore the Meadows safely as these creatures won’t appear in that biome until you have defeated the Elder.

When killed, these creatures can drop Ancient seeds, Dandelions, the Greydwarf Brute trophy, a Greydwarf eye, Stone, and Wood. Just like it happens with the other creatures in the game, the more stars a Greywarf has, the more likely is it for that enemy to drop certain loot. These are the difference between each type of Greydwarf Brute:

  • 0-stars (will deal 30 Slash damage and has 150 health)
  • 1-star (will deal 45 Slash damage and has 300 health)
  • 2-stars (will deal 60 Slash damage and has 450 health)

How To Deal With A Greydwarf Brute

  • These creatures appear at night in the Meadows, so if your exploring that biome during that time, prepare for a fight.
  • They are immune to Spirit, resistant to Poison but are very weak to fire.

Greydwarf Shaman

This creature is a Greydwarf’s final form. It’s slightly bigger than a regular Greydwarf, and it has deer-like antlers with glowing green eyes. When killed, these creatures can drop a Greydwarf eye, the Greydwarf Shaman trophy, Resin, or Wood.

Greydwarf Shaman has three different types of rarity; each type will deal a different amount of damage.

  • 0-stars (will deal 14 Slash damage, 25 Poison damage, can heal 20 health over 4s and have 60 health)
  • 1-star (will deal 21 Slash damage, 37.5 Poison damage, can heal 20 health over 4s and have 120 health)
  • 2-stars (will deal 28 Slash damage, 50 Poison damage, can heal 20 health over 4s and have 180 health)

How To Deal With A Greydwarf Shaman

  • These creatures appear at night, so don’t go exploring the Meadows at that time if you don’t want to encounter them.
  • They are not scared of fire, so don’t think using a torch will save you when facing them.
  • You’ll have to look out for their three types of attacks/abilities. Greydwarf Shaman can perform a melee attack; they have ranged poison breath and release healing pollen that heals nearby allies.
  • They are resistant to Poison, immune to Spirit, and very weak to fire.

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