VALORANT Bug Falsely Promoting Players to Radiant Rank

A new VALORANT bug is falsely promoting players to Radiant, the highest competitive rank in the game. VALORANT fans pointed the bug out on Reddit, with some making big leaps up to Radiant status. Riot Games has acknowledged the bug, and confirmed a fix will come in the next patch.

Reddit user TheGentlemanGame took to the VALORANT Subreddit to report his experience with the bug, which had bumped him up from Diamond to Radiant. The Diamond rank sits two tiers below Radiant, with the Immortal ranks separating them. The bug seemingly placed the Diamond-ranked player up multiple ranks after just one match.

VALORANT competitive quality owner UPS3RGE replied to the post, jokingly congratulating the player on reaching Radiant. “In all seriousness, sorry about the confusion,” UPS3RGE says before calling the issue a “known visual bug” that the development team is still investigating. This suggests the bug only makes you appear as Radiant, and doesn’t place you in Radiant game lobbies.

The game’s official Twitter account addressed the bug last night, confirming Riot was “aware of a new bug with ranked.” The bug may cause your rank to appear as Radiant after you complete a game, “making you think you got promoted to Radiant.” Riot says you “probably didn’t” get promoted to Radiant, and they’ll be rolling out a fix for this bug with the next patch.

Players may still experience large jumps up to Radiant between now and the next patch, which does not have a confirmed release date.

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