VALORANT Could Bring Back Old Battle Pass Content

A VALORANT developer has revealed that old battle pass content, like weapon skins, could return to the game at some point. Miles “Usury” Metzger spoke on the idea in a Reddit comment, where he confirmed the team does not currently have plans to bring back old skins, but they could reconsider if player demand was high enough.

New weapon skins are added to VALORANT with each new battle pass, only available by grinding through levels or purchasing with VALORANT points. These skins, and other goodies like gun buddies, sprays, and player cards, are exclusively available through the battle pass. Once the battle pass ends, the skins are no longer available to acquire through any means. Skin collections like Dot Exe, Couture, and Polyfox were only available through previous battle passes, and are now unavailable entirely.

In an AMA hosted on Reddit, a VALORANT fan asked if previous battle pass content would ever see a return to the game. Among other questions, Reddit user TH3WH1T3WOLF asked if there would ever be “any way to obtain skins from previous battle passes,” also suggesting the lost skins be made available for purchase.

VALORANT developer Usury replied, saying they “don’t currently have plans to bring back Battle Pass content.” The VALORANT team wants to “respect the players who grinded for it during the window it was available.” Usury adds that if player demand reaches a high enough peak, the team may reconsider the idea of re-adding previous battle pass skins, though they don’t want to “invalidate” those who grinded for the rewards.

Usury also answers a question regarding the new Night Market, which offers players random weapon skins at a discount. He confirms that the team does not have any plans to cut the Night Market time short, though many players are unhappy with their skin discount options. Usury also states that Riot does not plan to host a sale on VALORANT points, which are needed to purchase skins in-game.

The Episode I, Act III battle pass is still live, with 31 days left for players to complete it. The battle pass includes the Serenity, Surge, and Ruin skin collections, rewarding players who complete it with Vandal, Phantom, melee, and more skins. Once the battle pass window has ended, those skins will no longer be available, unless they make a future return.

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