Valorant Episode 7 release date, time, Team Deathmatch, Deadlock, patch notes

Valorant fans are counting down to the release of Episode 7, Act I. The new Valorant season has a June 27 release date on PC. There’s no official launch time, but it’s believed the game will be taken offline for maintenance at around 8pm BST UK time. While nothing has been confirmed, the season should be playable at 10pm BST UK time, once the download is installed. Valorant Episode 7, Act I introduces 5-v-5 Team Deathmatch, as well as a new hero named Deadlock and a new Battle Pass.

Norwegian operative Deadlock has an array of cutting-edge nanowire to secure the battlefield. Her abilities include the GravNet grenade, which forces enemies to crouch and move slowly.

Sonic Sensor, meanwhile, monitors an area for enemies making sound. It concusses that area if footsteps, weapons fire, or significant noise are detected. Barrier Mesh generates barriers from the origin point that blocks character movement, while Annihilation unleashes a pulse of nanowire that captures the first enemy contacted. The cocooned enemy is pulled along a nanowire path and will die if they reach the end.

The Battle Pass includes the Neo Frontier Skinline, as well as the Composite Phantom and Blush Operator, the Smoke Maze spray and Pancake Pile-Up. 

As part of Episode 7, Riot Games will also introduce a new progression system, complete with new daily milestones called Checkpoints, plus a brand new free-in game currency called Kingdom Credits.

As for Team Deathmatch, the new game mode will be playable on three custom maps, including PIAZZA, DISTRICT and KASBAH. Players will earn 1,000XP for each match played. The rules for Team Deathmatch can be seen in the patch notes below.


• Timers

 – Match duration: 9m 30s, split into four stages

 – Respawn frequency: 1.5s

• First to 100 kills

 – Plain and simple: the team that gets 100 kills first wins.

 – What if a match ends before a team can get to 100 kills? The team in the lead will be the victor.

 – Score tied when the match ends? The match will end in a draw.

• Weapon Loadout

 – You’ll get to choose your loadout for each stage at the start of the match or anytime you’re in the Spawn Room.

 – With each new stage, your loadout, and its lethality, will be automatically upgraded.

 – No need to watch your econ—there isn’t any.

• Weapon Spawner

 – Placed around the map are Weapon Spawners in fixed locations with weapons up for grabs.

 – Be sure you and your team are the first to reach them.

 – Weapons from the Weapon Spawner can potentially be different each match.

 – These weapons are stage-specific, and upgrade as the match progresses.

 – Weapons from the Weapon Spawner can be destroyed with (G) or whatever your drop weapon keybind is.

 – Once destroyed, you will return to your loadout weapon.

 – Weapons taken from Weapon Spawners will have limited ammo and will also be destroyed when they run out.

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• Orbs

 – Placed around the map are Recovery and Ultimate Orbs. Picked up an orb of either type?

 – Make sure your teammates gather close—both orbs generate zones that your allies can enter to receive the same effect.

• Recovery Orbs

 – Need a heal? Recovery Orbs grant a buff that restores Health and Shield over 6s.

 – Recovery Orbs are available in certain sections of each map. Just remember—the enemy team will want them too.

 – The maximum Shield restored is determined by your selected loadout.

 – Respawn duration: 30s

• Ultimate Orbs and Percentage

 – Ultimate Orbs spawn periodically in certain sections of each map.

 – Collecting these orbs charges up a percentage of your Ultimate ability—so get your percentage up to 100% to get your ult.

 – Got a kill? That will also increase your Ultimate percentage.

• Abilities Fully Stacked

 – Abilities will recharge over time once depleted.

 – Different abilities take different amounts of time to recharge.

• Spawn Room

 – After dying, you’ll respawn into the safety of your team’s Spawn Room.

 – When you respawn, you gain a buff that protects you from damage and abilities for 15 seconds.

 – After 15 seconds, you’ll start to take damage from staying in spawn, so move quickly!

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