Valorant’s Squirtle Squad Team Forced To Change Name Over Nintendo Trademark

Valorant is an incredibly popular title in the esports scenes, with tons of teams competing across the globe at any given time. You won't find many teams out there with a name as wild as team captain Governor Val's group though, who before today had the unique name of Squirtle Squad. The team has managed to nab itself a place in the North American Challengers League, although it's come at a price as it's now being forced to change its name due to a trademark dispute with Nintendo.

Most of you reading will know that Squirtle is a Pokemon, but you may not know that the name is the same as the mischievous group of sunglasses-wearing Squirtles that appear in the Pokemon anime. Instead of coming up with a name on their own, the group formerly known as the Squirtle Squad is crowdsourcing its new name, with the promise that the person with the best reply will have the honor of remaing the team.

Team captain Governor_Val asked Twitter to come up with the name, resulting in a number of wild and wacky potential titles. You have a fair few people going with variants of the current name, albeit with enough of a change to get around Nintendo's trademark. Personally, I'm a big fan of the person who offers up the name Turtle Troop, while the name Blast Boyz to riff off of Squirtle's final evolution Blastoise is another winner.

Governor hasn't picked a new name just yet, but has until the North American Challengers League kicks off on February 1 to decide which one will replace Squirtle Squad. In an ideal world, Nintendo would just let the team carry on as normal, but this is yet another case of red tape and legal issues ruining something great. Boo Nintendo, you big spoil sports.

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