Vampire Survivors: Every New Weapon From Legacy Of The Moonspell, Ranked

In addition to its new map and suite of new characters, Legacy of the Moonspell also brings a selection of new monster-slaying tools you can add to your arsenal in Vampire Survivors. These range from the deadly to the absurd; from magic wands and demonic blades to bubbles and perfume bottles.

But not all of these new weapons were created equal. Some make for crucial additions that will help turn the (metaphorical) tides against the (literal) waves of enemies in the game; while others will hinder more than they help, clogging up inventory space that could be better served by any other weapon. We’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff, so you can go into your next run with the confidence of a vampire slayer.

7/7 Mille Bolle Blu/Boo Roo Boollee

This ballistic bubble is a fairly standard projectile weapon, with the twist that the projectiles stick around and deal extra damage where most would simply disappear. It also evolves into its more powerful form, the Boo Roo Boollee, using the Spellbinder, an accessory you’ll likely be using anyway since it's a requirement to evolve the King Bible, one of the base game’s most powerful weapons.

Despite these positives, however, the Mille Bolle Blu is underwhelming; projectile weapons tend to perform worse than those that deal damage over a wider area, and this one is no exception.

6/7 Mirage Robe/J'Odore

Probably the most unique new weapon in Legacy of the Moonspell, the Mirage Robe leaves echoes of your character behind as you move around. These echoes damage and freeze enemies, and have a chance to explode for more damage when levelled up. Once evolved, they can also draw enemies away from you, buying you time and space when things get frantic.

While it’s interesting and disruptive, the Mirage Robe is more of a supplementary weapon than a full tool in your arsenal, and should therefore be picked up later in your run, when you’ve already established a solid selection of damage-dealers.

5/7 Silver Wind/Festive Winds

The Silver Wind combines slow-moving projectiles with the chance to heal on kills, providing a lot of extra survivability when combined with the Pummarolo passive item and the Soul Eater weapon. Top it all off with the Sarabande of Healing Arcana for a tanky build that can also dish out continuous AOE damage.

While it has a lot of potential in combinations like these, the Silver Wind isn’t a very strong standalone weapon, due to its low damage output. This makes it good in specific builds, but not something you’ll want to grab as soon as you see it.

4/7 Night Sword/Muramasa

This weapon is a double-edged sword, in both the literal and metaphorical sense. It’s very powerful and has a chance to drain health from enemies it kills, but it also drains your health once evolved, demanding other healing sources to prevent it from doing your enemies’ job for them.

Crucially, it also deals retaliatory damage when you’re hit. This can be stacked with the Armour passive item and the Victory Sword to wipe out anything that dares to get too close. It’s a solid weapon overall, but the requirement of picking up the mediocre Stone Mask item in order to evolve it brings it down a notch or two.

3/7 Summon Night/Echo Night

“Jaws of Death” might be a better name for this weapon; attacking enemies with huge fangs that descend from the top of the screen (and rise from the bottom as well once evolved), Summon Night covers a wide area and deals good damage, making it a great choice throughout your run.

It also uses the Duplicator passive item to evolve, one of the best items in the game that, previously, was tied to the underwhelming Lightning Ring weapon. The addition of Summon Night makes the Duplicator a more viable choice, inadvertently improving a lot of other weapons’ viability as well.

2/7 108 Bocce

Despite not having an evolved form, an element that usually ruins a weapon’s viability in the long run, 108 Bocce is actually deceptively powerful. This is down to two things: its high-speed AOE style damage, working like a combination of the Garlic and the King Bible, and its passive ability, which scales its damage based on the difference between your character’s Luck and Curse stats.

This makes 108 Bocce ideal for characters that gain Curse as they level up, like Lama and Gyorunton, and makes Curse-boosting passive items like Skull-O’-Maniac and Torrona’s Box more effective. Finally, the fact that it doesn’t evolve frees up an item slot you’d normally need to dedicate to its accompanying item, giving you more flexibility when it comes to your build.

1/7 Four Seasons/Godai Shuffle

In the tradition of the best Vampire Survivors weapons, Four Seasons deals damage over a wide area, setting off an explosion in each corner of the screen. Combined with the Garlic and King Bible, this gives you nearly full coverage of the screen in terms of damage, making it nearly impossible for enemies to break through; Once evolved, a fifth explosion in the middle of the screen is added, finishing off anything that does.

While the Four Seasons does require two different, fully-levelled items to evolve, the Spinach and the Candelabrador, they’re both good enough to run regardless. They give you the choice of the Axe or Fire Wand as another weapon to maximise your inventory use, making it an ideal choice for your next run.

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