Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 4 – Loft Walkthrough

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  • Safe Zone Locations
  • How To Unlock Every Disguise
  • How To Win Each Halsey Confrontation
  • How To Win The Confrontation With Richard
  • How To Unlock The Briefcase
  • How To Talk To The Eye Witness
  • Finding The Hidden Door
  • How To Find The Suspicious Items At The Crime Scene
  • How To Find Miley
  • How To Unlock The Alternate Ending

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong sends Leysha to investigate the ill-fortuned party that kick-started the events of the game. This is the moment the Code Red was called, and you need to infiltrate the crime scene, find out what happened, and get out with Prince Iverson’s Childe, Miley.

This Scene has all sorts of things to find, characters to talk to, and information to uncover. Depending on what you do, what skills you have, and how nebby you get, you can even stumble upon multiple endings. We won’t be doing a step-by-step walkthrough, instead, we will be covering the key sections of the Scene, and how to overcome them.

Safe Zone Locations

To get the most out of your vampiric abilities, you will need to keep on top of your Hunger gauge. This is especially true in this mission, as Leysha has access to many abilities that quickly eat into your Hunger, such as Doppelganger.

Thankfully, there are plenty of edible humans and Safe Zones to nibble on them from.

  • Dressing Room – At the start of the scene, take the first door on your right.
  • Bathroom – Once you have entered the main party area and talked to the Chief, head towards forensics, take a right, and go through the door on your right.
  • Photocopier Room – When you enter the main party area, you can use Auspex to track the scent of cherry lipstick. Follow this to the left to find an invisible door. Right of this invisible door is a Safe Room.
  • Laundry Room – This one is unmissable as you will be forced into it with Halsey when entering the Forensic Corridor.

How To Unlock Every Disguise

To access each part of the crime scene, you will need to be wearing the right disguise. These are required to complete the mission.

  • Police Officer – You can get this almost immediately when starting the mission from the two officers guarding the entrance to the crime scene. Do not use this disguise as you will not be able to enter with it. This is a red herring.
  • Homicide Officer Turn invisible and walk past the two Police Officers and grab the uniform from any of the Homicide Officers.
  • Forensic Officer – From the kitchen, approach the hole in the wall and take copy the outfit of the nearby Forensics Officer.
  • FBI Agent – When approaching the balcony after rescuing Richard, you will be able to copy the uniform of the Agent guarding the entrance.
  • Novice Olsen – If you talk to Olsen enough, you will gain the ability to transform into Olsen. This is required for one of the potential endings.

How To Win Each Halsey Confrontation

Every time you enter a particularly bloody portion of the crime scene, you will be pushed into a Confrontation with Halsey. You will gain Hunger when the Confrontation starts, and if you fail to win the Confrontation, it will remain on your gauge. If you win, the Hunger is removed.

We have included options that don’t require any additional skills to pass.

Confrontation One

  • “Let’s take a time out”
  • “FIre”

Confrontation Two

  • “The cold”

Confrontation Three

  • “Her Childe”

How To Win The Confrontation With Richard

Once you have rescued Richard, you will be thrown into a Confrontation. You will gain traits and a concoction that temporarily unlocks the Doppelganger ability if you succeed.

  • “I came for him!”
  • “She said she trusts me”
  • “Go back later”

How To Unlock The Briefcase

In the kitchen is a briefcase that is locked. This briefcase is an Item Of Suspicion and needs to be dealt with if you want to complete your secondary objectives. There are three options when tacking the briefcase.

Firstly, you can use Obfuscate level two to hide it. This will turn it invisible, but you won’t be able to pick up the documents inside the briefcase as you will not be able to interact with it further.

If you have Technology level one, you can use Willpower to hack the briefcase.

The best way to deal with the briefcase is to just open it. If you go into the wine room adjacent to the kitchen you will find the body of a man with a broken pair of handcuffs on his wrist. In his hand is a mobile phone with three PINs.

Go back to the briefcase and punch in 6159 to unlock the briefcase. Take the document to secure the Item Of Suspicion.

How To Talk To The Eye Witness

One of the hidden objectives in this mission is to talk to an eyewitness. The eye witness in question is the unfortunate soul who is dangling from the ceiling after an unfortunate bondage incident. Forensics think he’s dead, but on further inspection, he’s (barely) alive.

To wake him up, you will need adrenaline. To find it, go to the balcony. In one of the open boxes, you can find a First Aid Key. Take this key to the first aid kit near the tent. Unlock the kit, and grab the adrenaline.

Take this to the dangling man, and inject him. He will reveal some key information that can help you determine which storage box contains Miley.

Finding The Hidden Door

When you first enter the main crime scene, you can inspect a wine glass that has cherry lipstick on it. Follow the trail to an invisible door. Open the door, and you can talk to a dying vampire who will give you some information that will help you decipher which box contains Miley.

How To Find The Suspicious Items At The Crime Scene

Three documents need to be retrieved from the crime scene. They can be found:

  • In the briefcase in the kitchen
  • In the bathroom, you can find a letter inside Miley’s handbag. Read it to unlock the option to take it.
  • On the balcony, on the far end, on the left, there is a document that’s being guarded by an Agent. Dominate him to get him to move away, and then take the document.

How To Find Miley

The main reason you are here is to locate Iverson’s Childe, Miley. The game makes it difficult to decipher which storage box contains Miley. If you talk to the eyewitness, the dying vampire, and follow the right Auspex trails, it becomes pretty obvious.

The box you want to take with you when you leave the Scene is K12.

How To Unlock The Alternate Ending

Leaving with K12 is the normal way to complete this Scene, however, there is an alternative ending that changes things up quite a bit. Firstly, enter the tent and attempt to access the Monsignor. You will be turned away.

If you have access to Doppelganger (from Richard), you can talk to Olsen and gather enough information to copy his appearance.

Go to a Safe Zone, shapeshift into Olsen, and then enter the tent. You will have a brief and incredibly painful encounter with the Monsignor who will see right through your disguise. You will also get a rather nasty scar on your head which, if you remember, was shown during one of Leysha’s mandatory premonitions earlier in the game.

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