Vampyr: Every Ending And How To Get Them

Dontnod Entertainment's 2018 launch of Vampyr is one of the best vampire games in the dark fantasy genre. Set in 1918 London during the Spanish Flu, the story follows newborn Ekon Dr Jonathan Reid and his quest to save London and find his Maker. The game is a refreshing take on vampires, depicting the struggle of a doctor and his paradoxical need to harm others in order to feed.

By the end of the game, Jonathan discovers that the source of the Skal epidemic stemmed from a non-consensual blood transfusion using Elisabeth Ashbury's infected vampiric blood. Dr Swansea performed it secretly on his patient, Harriet Jones, in an effort to find a cure to the Spanish Flu. He did not know Elisabeth had the blood of hate, turning Harriet into a Disaster. This unknowingly triggers a chain of events causing the return of the Red Queen Morrigan, creator of all vampires.

As you can tell while playing, Vampyr forces upon you a series of choices. There are two good and bad endings, with only slight differences. The choices you make are vital in deciding which ending you will get, and what sort of person and vampire Jonathan will become.

4 The Best Ending In Vampyr

In Vampyr's best ending, Jonathan and his lady love Elisabeth Ashbury decide to leave the castle for America in order to find a cure for Elisabeth's tainted blood. Jonathan succeeds in convincing Elisabeth to do the latter instead of throwing herself into the fire. He tells her that he has not killed a single person since he was reborn, fully abiding by his oath as a doctor and this is what persuades her.

To get this ending, you must never embrace (or kill) anyone during your playthrough. This includes both ordinary citizens and characters in the main questline; doing this will even win you a 'Not Even Once' trophy. Also, all districts in the game must remain stable. Of course, you can drain the blood of citizens who have turned into Skals.

The main choices you must make are: Spare Crane; Turn Sean Hampton; Charm Aloysius Dawson into dying; Spare McCullum; Let Dr Swansea die (technically you didn't kill him in the first place).

3 The Good Ending In Vampyr

This ending sees Jonathan successfully preventing Elisabeth from committing suicide once more. But the only difference is that instead of leaving to find a cure, the two lovebirds lock themselves up in Elisabeth's castle in order to create a cure. A Skal friend of Jonathan's called Old Bridget is the one who helps take care of and feed them during their self-quarantine.

In order to get this ending, Jonathan must kill only a few citizens. It is not really specified how much is 'few' exactly, but best not to risk more than four. Also, avoid killing off the pillars (or key characters) of London's districts. You must keep all the districts stable and not let a single one turn hostile. Subsisting mainly on rats and your enemies for blood is the only way.

As for the main choices, do the same as in the best ending.

2 The Sad Ending In Vampyr

In this ending, Elisabeth does not believe Jonathan's words, saying that he has betrayed her. She pushes him away and Jonathan watches in horror as Elisabeth throws herself into the fire. Jonathan then isolates himself from the world, feeling lost and despondent.

The betrayal Elisabeth speaks of concerns the fate of Aloysius Dawson, the richest man in England. After Jonathan successfully kills an infected Doris Fletcher, Lord Redgrave demands that he turn Aloysius into a vampire. Elisabeth is very much against this, arguing that Aloysius is a despicable human being and with his vast wealth, could become one of the worst vampires of all time.

Aside from turning Aloysius, you must also kill many citizens (or the pillars of each district) and turn a district hostile. Causing one district to become hostile will also win you the 'Anarchy in the UK' trophy.

1 The Worst Ending In Vampyr

Arguably the worst ending for Jonathan, the young Ekon fails to save Elisabeth from killing herself. After saying that he has done so many things since becoming a vampire, Elisabeth seems to realise something has changed about Jonathan and throws herself into the flames. She says goodbye and Jonathan does not seem to care, letting her go easily.

To get this ending, Jonathan must become a psychopathic serial killer. You must kill most, if not all, of the citizens and turn all districts hostile. Doing the latter will win you the rare 'London's burning' trophy. As for the main choices, do the reverse of what you would choose for the best ending. This means embracing and killing most of the characters, as well as turning McCullum into a vampire.

After Elisabeth's death, Jonathan truly becomes the worst of the worst and goes on a mass killing spree. He surrenders to his bloodlust and fully embodies the bloodthirsty leech the Guard of Priwen says all vampires are.

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