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The Treatment Center is an escape room in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Here, you will explore a hospital room used for treating serious illnesses. With the help of Clover, you must discover a way to save Quark, while also finding a way out of the Treatment Center.

This escape room has some difficult puzzles that can be tough to figure out. Let's take a look at everything you can find in the Treatment Center, how to solve each puzzle, how to find the Gold File, and ultimately how to escape.

Treatment Center Layout

Before we start escaping the Treatment Center, let's take a look around.

The Treatment Center is divided into two major sections; the actual treatment area with three pods, and the outer area. From the entrance, the treatment area is to your left.

To the right of the door to the treatment area, you can find the escape safe sitting on a small bench. Beside that are a binder and tablet, which will be used later in the puzzle. Above the bench is a clock.

On the other side of the room, you can find a fish tank, lion painting, plants, and a TV screen.

How To Escape The Treatment Center

Now, we can seek a way out of the Treatment Center.

First, press the button below the TV screen to turn it on. The monitor will display an image of a board game, which will then be added to your archive.

Move over to the escape safe and pick up the tablet, then pick up the binder to add instructions for unlocking the pod room to your archive. Along the way, pick up both potted plants.

Now, you will need to unlock the door to the pod room. To do this, you will need to play a difficult puzzle, the rules for which you picked up earlier. To summarize, you need to enter a four-digit number that changes each time you begin the puzzle. You will have ten attempts to do so.

You will receive hints in two different ways. If any number that you enter is in the correct spot, you will receive a HIT. If the number is in the password, but not in the correct position, you will receive a BLOW. Your objective is to find the password that receives four HITs.

To do this, try different combinations of numbers, and use logic to determine their position in the password. Alternatively, you can use this solver.

After you have unlocked the pod room door, you can now access this area of the room. Once inside, open pod 2 and pick up the silver key, then make note of the clock on the lid of the pod, which reads 6:20.

Open pod 1 and get the white key, then check the outside of the lid for the clock, which reads 7:15.

Exit the pod room and head over to the fish tank. Use the silver key on the keyhole at the top of the tank, and you will be able to start a mini-game. Here, you will need to move the purple jellyfish to the top of the fish tank, so Sigma can grab it. Follow the directions below to solve this puzzle.

  1. Left
  2. Up
  3. Left
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

After grabbing it "jellyfast", inspect the purple jellyfish in your inventory to receive the circular tile. Move to the right and put the tile in the lion painting. The painting will shift down, and a light will begin shining into the pod room from behind where the painting was.

Next, move over to the bench with the safe, and inspect the clock above it. Use the white key to unlock the panel covering the clock, then grab the NO1 chip from inside.

Head back inside the pod room, and open pod 3 to see where the laser is pointing. The clock will display 00:15. Next, go to pod 1 and put the NO1 chip into the monitor next to the pod. This will display the next steps you will need to follow.

First, place the healthy plant into the pod. After the sequence is completed, open the lid and pick up the green memory card. Repeat this process for the withered plant to receive the red memory card.

Leave the pod room and put the red and green memory cards into the slots on the clock. This will turn on the hands of the clock, which will now read 4:05.

Now, inspect the tablet you found earlier. It will give you the hint "Four pieces for the first password. One piece for the second password". Clover suggests that the pieces could have something to do with the board game file you found earlier.

To get the password for the tablet, open your file and inspect the illustration of a dice game. Using this, you will mentally move your pieces around the board to get the four letters for the password. You will need to use the times presented on each clock in the order you found their time to determine how many tiles to move.

  1. 7:15
  2. 6:20
  3. 00:15
  4. 4:05

Using these times, we can determine how many tiles each piece will move by subtracting the minutes number from the hour number.

  1. 7:15 = 15 – 7, move 8 tiles clockwise
  2. 6:20 = 20 – 6, move 14 tiles clockwise
  3. 0:15 = 15 – 0, move 15 tiles clockwise
  4. 4:05 = 5 – 4, move 1 tile clockwise

Now that we know how many tiles each piece is moving, open the board game and begin counting. Because the tablet said four pieces for the first password, you will move all four pieces, starting at T, where the start arrow points to. Note that unlike other board games, you must also include the tile you start on when counting. Doing this, you can find the following letters.

  1. Start at T, move 8 tiles clockwise, and land on P
  2. Start at T, move 14 tiles clockwise, and land on A
  3. Start at T, move 15 tiles clockwise, and land on S
  4. Start at T, move 1 tile clockwise, and land on T

This will give you the four letter password PAST. Put this into the tablet to receive the Green Safe Password. Head back over to the safe and put this password into to it escape the Treatment Center.

How To Get The Gold File

To get the Gold File, remember the hint from the tablet: the second password uses only one piece. Rather than starting at T each time with four different pieces, you will instead count from the place you leave off, using one game piece. Using the same times as before, count the tiles as follows.

  1. Start at T, move 8 tiles clockwise, and land on P
  2. Start at P, move 14 tiles clockwise, and land on O
  3. Start on O, move 15 tiles clockwise, and land on U
  4. Start on U, move 1 tile clockwise, and land on R

Type in the password POUR into the tablet to receive the Blue Safe Password. Put this into the safe to find the Gold File.

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