VR Roulette Episode 8: Knock-Off The Colossus

Welcome to VR Roulette! This is our LIVE weekly game show on YouTube that’s streamed (usually) on Wednesdays. We select a list of weird, quirky, and/or bizarre VR games and take turns spinning the wheel to see what we’ve all got to play next. Tune in with us live on YouTube at 8:30am PT today! Read our announcement article for more details.

Jamie and Zeena are back for another week of VR mishaps and maybe (just maybe) some happy accidents too. Today we’ll be leaping through traffic in Highway Madness, slicing fools in Rise of the Samurai and investigating a game called Children of the Colossus, which looks suspiciously like a game with a very similar name. Any idea what we mean? What horrors await? Find out below at 8:30am PT!

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