Waiting For The Raven Espionage Game Flies Out Of Early Access

Video game studio Musclebird Games recently announced its first-person top-down espionage hybrid Waiting for the Raven has been updated to version 1.0, bringing it out of the Steam Early Access cage and into full public release. Along with its freebird status, the game received a number of new additions and game-wide adjustments, as well as plenty of bug fixes, and a new feature trailer.

Waiting for the Raven is billed as “an experimental atmospheric hybrid of first-person & top-down espionage experience.” The game is set in the gothic city of Glassdon, and you are placed in the role of an agent of The Order, tasked with replacing the previous agent here (who has mysteriously vanished) and continuing the work of building The Order’s presence in the city. To do that, you’ll need to become a master of spies by recruiting and hiring agents to engage in all manner of crime and espionage in an effort to take over the city.

The game offers you opportunities to work The Order’s influence and control across Glassdon through “treachery, espionage, abduction, influence, murder, schemes, plots, bribes, seduction, even the law.” Each of these methods may be used as you see fit, allowing you to guide your gameplay choices to become a cruel boss, cult leader, greedy business-owner, secret spymaster, or something else.

On occasions, a raven will deliver letters to you from your agents in the city, or from any number of various other faction leaders and NPCs. Some of these letters will be reports from your agents, while others may be encrypted and require you to employ your cipher skills to decode their messages. Various other items will need to be researched, puzzles solved, and mysteries discovered and worked out, all while trying to keep your agents and yourself safe from factions using the same skills you have to put an end to you.

Waiting for the Raven is currently on sale on Steam, with a 15% discount (to $12.74) scheduled to last until December 29 of this year.

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