WandaVision: Who Is Mephisto?

Mephisto has not appeared in WandaVision so far – although one theory below suggests he has – but that hasn’t stopped the speculation that he still might be behind the curtain of the whole thing. Here, we take a look at who Mephisto is, how he connects to the characters of WandaVision, and what the chances are that he’ll wreck havoc as WandaVision comes to a close.

WandaVision: Who Is Mephisto?

Mephisto is probably best thought of as the devil. He rules over a fiery dimension full of suffering and damnation known as “Hell”, although it is not literally the Hell found in Christianity. Mephisto chose the name Hell because he typically dwells on Earth, and by naming his dominion Hell he could further exploit the fears of humans. He also looks like a typical picture of Satan, but it’s unknown if this is what he truly looks like, or if this is again a deliberate disguise.

Is Mephisto In WandaVision?

As far as we know, the answer to this question is ‘not yet’. We don’t even know if Mephisto will be in the show eventually, if he’s working with Agatha Harkness, or if we’ve all just put two and two together to make five. However, there are a few compelling hints that he is coming soon, and if he is, that could be bad news for Westview.

Is Mephisto A Fly?

While Mephisto is not a fly – his default form is as a Satan-style demon – he can transform himself, and his first ever appearance in the comics was disguised as a harmless fly. At the end of episode seven, just as Wanda starts to suspect something is up, she looks at curtains after a buzzing noise attracts her attention, and the camera settles on the close up of a fly.

Technically, this bug is actually a cicada, but is this misdirection on top of the winked reference? Maybe whoever digitally added the cicada in the shot simply thought it was a fly. Regardless, if Mephisto does turn up, we can look back on the fly and agree it was probably a hint.

What Is Mephisto And Agatha Harkness’ Relationship?

If you believe the theories, then in WandaVision, they’re husband and wife. Or at least, they’re posing as one. Agatha – then going under the alias Agnes – has mentioned her husband frequently, but he has never been spotted on screen, leading many to believe that whoever he is, he will be involved in a major reveal.

In the comics though, they are not this close. In fact, while Mephisto is a full-on villain, Agatha Harkness usually works for the good guys, though she herself is quite sinister and selfish. Their biggest link comes via WandaVision star Scarlet Witch, whose children are not actually her own, but are fragments of Mephisto’s soul. Once Agatha discovers this, she wipes Wanda’s memory to spare her the trauma of seeing her children crumble and be absorbed into Mephisto. Wanda does later get pregnant for real, which is how Wiccan and Speed are born.

Is Mephisto Stronger Than Thanos?

In a fair fight, Mephisto would win. Of course, neither of these two play fair, and you’d have to factor in whether Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet, whether the fight takes place in Hell, whether Thanos had time to prepare and outwit Mephisto… there are a lot of variables. But for most Marvel characters, the answer to that question is a very simple “no.”

The fact that Mephisto not only has a chance but would probably be the favourite gives you an indication of how powerful he is. If Mephisto does appear in WandaVision, he will likely be the Big Marvel Bad for a long while, rather than disappearing at the end of a climactic battle in the season finale.

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