Warframe: Trinity Complete Guide – Drops, Abilities, And Builds

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Trinity is one of Warframe's support characters, capable of healing allies and sapping the energy of enemy foes. Obtained rather late in the Star Chart, Trinity supports her team with a variety of powerful boons that make her a great fit for any squad.

Compared to modern supports, Trinity can be seen as underwhelming. It's true that Wisp has made Trinity somewhat irrelevant when it comes to healing, but Trinity has much more to offer. If you love being invincible, stripping armor, and stripping armor with no issue, you'll want to craft yourself a Trinity. Here's everything you need to know about Trinity, including how to get her and Trinity's best builds.

How To Craft Trinity

Trinity drops from Ambulus, a Corpus boss located on Hades, Pluto. Accessing this boss fight requires five Animo Nav Beacons. Defeating and hacking Ambulus proxies throughout the ice planet tileset on Pluto will grant one Nav Beacon each. Ships spawn Ambulus proxies every three to five minutes, including endless missions. You'll be refunded three beacons if you successfully kill the boss.

Trinity Blueprint

Drop SourceIn-Game Market (25,000 Credits)
Crafting Costs
  • 25,000 Credits
  • 1 Trinity Neuroptics
  • 1 Trinity Chassis
  • 1 Trinity Systems
  • 1 Orokin Cell
Crafting Time72 Hours

Trinity Neuroptics

Drop SourceHades, Pluto (38.72% drop chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 150 Alloy Plate
  • 1 Neural Sensor
  • 150 Polymer Bundle
  • 500 Rubedo
Crafting Time12 Hours

Trinity Chassis

Drop SourceHades, Pluto (38.72% drop chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Morphics
  • 1,000 Ferrite
  • 300 Rubedo
Crafting Time12 Hours

Trinity Systems

Drop SourceHades, Pluto (22.56% drop chance)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Control Module
  • 1 Morphics
  • 500 Salvage
  • 220 Plastids
Crafting Time12 Hours

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How To Craft Trinity Prime

Trinity Prime is currently vaulted. Her Relics are no longer in any drop table. Trinity Prime's parts and Relics may still be obtained through the trade system.

Trinity Prime may be obtained by opening Void Relics with her Prime parts. None of these Relics currently drop in the game, but you may purchase Trinity Prime Relics or her component blueprints outright from other players. You can search "Trinity" in the Relic menu to see which Relics drop Trinity Prime parts.

Trinity Prime Blueprint

Drop Source
  • Lith K1 (Uncommon)
  • Lith K4 (Uncommon)
  • Meso P6 (Uncommon)
  • Meso S4 (Uncommon)
  • Neo N6 (Uncommon)
  • Axi S1 (Uncommon)
Crafting Costs
  • 25,000 Credits
  • 1 Trinity Prime Neuroptics
  • 1 Trinity Prime Chassis
  • 1 Trinity Prime Systems
  • 1 Orokin Cell
Crafting Time72 Hours

Trinity Prime Neuroptics

Drop Source
  • Lith K8 (Uncommon)
  • Meso D5 (Common)
  • Neo D1 (Uncommon)
  • Neo N7 (Common)
  • Neo S6 (Common)
  • Axi C1 (Common)
  • Axi V3 (Common)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 450 Oxium
  • 2 Neural Sensors
  • 9,000 Nano Spores
  • 1,100 Rubedo
Crafting Time12 Hours

Trinity Prime Chassis

Drop Source
  • Lith L3 (Uncommon)
  • Lith S4 (Uncommon)
  • Neo S1 (Uncommon)
  • Axi H1 (Uncommon)
  • Axi H2 (Uncommon)
  • Axi S7 (Uncommon)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Argon Crystal
  • 500 Oxium
  • 1,200 Circuits
Crafting Time12 Hours

Trinity Prime Systems

Drop Source
  • Neo B1 (Common)
  • Neo D4 (Common)
  • Neo N12 (Common)
  • Axi A1 (Common)
  • Axi C2 (Common)
  • Axi V2 (Common)
  • Axi V3 (Common)
  • Axi V4 (Common)
Crafting Costs
  • 15,000 Credits
  • 3 Control Modules
  • 1 Orokin Cell
  • 9,000 Cryotic
  • 1,350 Circuits
Crafting Time12 Hours

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Trinity Abilities


TrinityTrinity Prime
  • Armor: 100
  • Energy: 150
  • Health: 100
  • Shields: 100
  • Sprint Speed: 1.00
  • Armor: 125
  • Energy: 150
  • Health: 100
  • Shields: 150
  • Sprint Speed: 1.10


Passive: Revive fallen allies 25% faster and from 50% further away.

There's not much to explain here. You revive allies faster and don't need to be standing directly on top of them. Other sources of revive speed stack additively with Trinity's passive. This passive works with other players, companions, and downed NPCs.

Well Of Life

Well of Life: Create a well of life on an enemy. Allies will grant health when damaging the target.

This ability can be subsumed with the Helminth system.

Well Of Life Stats
Drain25 Energy
RangeCast Range: 100 Meters
Heal Radius: 8 Meters
Duration12 Seconds
HealHealth / Second: 100 HP
Life Steal: 1%
Applicable Mods
Affects ability durationAffects ability cast range and radiusAffects cast Energy costAffects HP regeneration and life steal

Well of Life levitates the selected target for a short time, making them invincible and unable to take any actions. Damaging the target will heal you for a percentage of damage dealt, storing the remaining damage until the ability ends. The target will take all stored damage when the ability ends. You may prematurely end the ability by casting Well of Life again. Only one target may be affected by Well of Life at a time. Building for Strength and Range is recommended, or you can replace this ability through the Helminth system; Trinity's Blessing makes Well of Life somewhat redundant.

Energy Vampire

Energy Vampire: Allies will gain Energy over time when enemies are marked with Energy Vampire.

Energy Vampire Stats
Drain50 Energy
RangeCast Range: 100 Meters
Heal Radius: 25 Meters
Duration9 Seconds
Energy / Pulse25 Energy
Damage25% True Damage
Applicable Mods
Affects energy pulse rateAffects ability cast range and radiusAffects cast Energy costAffects damage and energy created

Trinity marks a target with Energy Vampire, causing them to release four pulses spread throughout the duration. Each pulse restores 25 Energy for each ally in 25 meters, and the pulse deals a quarter of the ability's listed true damage value. The ability restores 100 Energy per cast, giving Trinity a net Energy gain for casting Energy Vampire. Allies actively using a channeled skill do not gain Energy from this skill. Killing an enemy before Energy Vampire ends causes the target to release all remaining energy pulses at once.

Energy Vampire scales the best with Strength, Range, and negative Duration. Strength affects how much Energy is granted and the damage Energy Vampire deals. Range makes it easier for allies to receive the generated Energy, and Duration only affects the delay between each pulse. Since Strength doesn't impact the number of pulses generated, negative Duration causes your pulses to spawn faster, making it a far better ability for quickly restoring Energy. Efficiency doesn't affect the Energy returned by Energy Vampire.

Since Energy Vampire deals true damage, this skill scales indefinitely. Enemies from low level to 9,999 take the same amount of damage. If you can scale your Ability Strength high enough, it's possible for Energy Vampire to kill a target in a single cast.


Link: Any damage taken while Link is active will be channeled to a nearby enemy.

Link Stats
Drain75 Energy
Range20 Meters
Duration12 Seconds
Targets Affected3 Targets
Damage Resistance75%
Applicable Mods
Affects ability durationAffects ability radiusAffects cast Energy costN/A

Link tethers Trinity to her three closest targets, redirecting a portion of all damage to her tethered targets. All status effects, knockdowns, and staggers are also reflected while Link is active, giving Trinity knockdown and status immunity. The damage resistance granted by Link is 75% and is unaffected by mods. Only three targets may be linked at a time.

Since Link is unaffected by Strength, speccing for Range and Duration is recommended. Link's damage resistance stacks multiplicatively with other DR sources, including Blessing.


Blessing: Restore the Health and Shields of allies within Trinity's Affinity aura while giving them some damage resistance.

Blessing Stats
Drain100 Energy
RangeAffinity Radius
Duration10 Seconds
Restoration80% Health and Shields
Damage Resistance50%
Applicable Mods
Affects ability durationN/AAffects cast Energy costAffects restoration and damage resistance

Trinity slams the ground beneath her, granting herself and all allies in Affinity range a massive health and shield restore alongside a sizable damage resistance increase. The restoration and DR effects are both affected by Strength mods. Blessing's restoration cannot exceed 100%, and the damage resistance buff cannot exceed 75%. In other words, Blessing sees no benefit when going past 150% Ability Strength.

Keeping Blessing's DR buff active requires a heavy investment into Duration or constant recasting. Trinity, her allies, all companions, and defense objectives all benefit from Blessing. Recasting the ability restores HP, shields, and resets the DR buff. Since this ability is tied to Affinity range, it is not affected by Range mods but rather Affinity range bonuses. Notable Affinity range sources include flares and Vazarin's Mending Unity passive.

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Trinity Augments

Trinity has four augment mods at her disposal, one for each ability. These augments may be purchased from New Loka or The Perrin Sequence at max rank. Each Augment costs 25,000 Standing.

Pool Of Life

Pool of Life: Well of Life Augment: On death, marked enemies will drop 4 Health Orbs with a 25% chance of dropping an Energy Orb.

If you're able to kill a Well of Life target with this augment, they will drop four Health Orbs with a small chance of dropping an Energy Orb. Each orb restores 25 of their respective resource. Health Orbs are not affected by mods, although the chance of an Energy Orb dropping is affected by Ability Strength.

While the Augment itself seems redundant, it can be used alongside mods that benefit from grabbing Orbs. Such mods include Health Conversion, Energy Conversion, and Equilibrium. Pool of Life can also be used as a reliable method of triggering various orb-related Arcanes.

Vampire Leech

Vampire Leech: Energy Vampire Augment: Excess Energy replenishes Shields by 150%.

Overflowing someone's Energy reserves will give them shields instead at a 150% conversion rate. For example, if a pulse gives 100 Energy someone doesn't need, they'll receive 150 shields instead. Vampire Leech can grant overshields if the target's shields are full. Overshields cap at 1,200 over the player's shield cap, regardless of mods. The Energy to shield conversion rate is affected by Ability Strength.

Vampire Leech is an incredibly powerful survivability tool disguised as a support augment. Your Energy Vampire becomes a consistent source of shields, allowing you to trigger the effects of shield gating with ease. It also pairs exceptionally well with Trinity's damage resistance buffs. Use Link, Blessing, and Vampire Leech to become nigh-unkillable for most activities.

Abating Link

Abating Link: Link Augment: Reduces Armor Rating by 45% on enemies targeted by Link.

Targets affected by Link have their armor reduced by 45%. This effect lasts until Link tethers to another target, at which point the enemy will get their armor back. Ability Strength affects the armor strip, allowing you to fully strip a target's armor with 223% Ability Strength or more. This turns Link into a powerful debuff skill that becomes especially valuable against Grinner in the Steel Path.

Champion's Blessing

Champion's Blessing: Blessing Augment: Gain Primary and Secondary Critical Chance for 12s for each percent you heal on allies up to 350%.

Champion's Blessing turns Blessing into a weaker version of Harrow's Covenant, granting critical chance to Trinity and her alone based on how much healing was granted by Blessing. This critical chance buff works on Primary weapons and Secondary weapons, and it stacks additively with other percentage modifiers to critical chance—Point Strike, Pistol Gambit, etc. Ability Strength does not affect the critical chance gained or this augment's critical chance cap. Only Duration affects Champion's Blessing.

The critical buff you receive is solely determined by how much health was restored by Blessing. Champion's Blessing goes off the percentage of health restored, not the actual value. For example, restoring half of Inaros' total HP would only grant a 50% critical chance buff for Trinity despite Inaros' absurdly high base HP. Healing done to Trinity, allies, and companions all contribute to the critical buff. Recasting Blessing will refresh the timer and add more critical chance based on health restored. Once again, this cannot exceed 350%.

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Trinity Builds

Trinity is a tough Warframe to get, but she's fortunately quite easy to create builds for. You'll want to focus on Duration for most of her builds. For DR builds, increase your Duration as much as possible. For Energy Vampire builds, decrease your Duration. Beyond that, get some Strength to hit her Blessing's DR cap and Range to make her abilities easier to use.

For Focus, any Focus school works. A good pick is Vazarin to increase your Affinity range, allowing you to cast Blessing on allies that are further away. Vazarin also allows you to instantly revive a few targets per mission, perfect for a support playstyle.

Starter Build (0 Forma, No Subsume)

  • Forma: 0
  • Subsume: None

This build focuses on getting as much Duration as possible without compromising on her other stats. You'll be able to use Energy Vampire to gain Energy and shields, Link to reflect status effects, and Blessing to heal your team. It's a jack of all trades build that should work in all content.

We use Continuity, Narrow Minded (R7), and Augur Message to give Trinity a sizable Duration increase. To hit Blessing's 75% DR cap, we use a R5 Blind Rage. Transient Fortitude is less desirable since it reduces your Duration. Equip a Flow mod to deal with the reduced Efficiency, remembering to cast Energy Vampire on occasion.

To round off the build, we get a bit of Range with Stretch and Cunning Drift. Only use Cunning Drift if you have an Exilus slot to play with. Finally, we use Adaptation and Vampire Leech to give Trinity a ton of survivability. The DR from Adaptation atop of your large shield reserves will make you tough to kill in all content, even Steel Path. If you don't own Adaptation, use Redirection or Vitality instead.

Eidolon Hunter Alternative

If you want to participate in Eidolon Hunts but don't have a good Chroma or Volt build, you can use a variant of this build to play as a low-stakes support character. Make the following changes:

  • Drop Cunning Drift.
  • Replace Blind Rage with Transient Fortitude.
  • Replace Vampire Leech with Fleeting Expertise (R4).
  • Replace Stretch with Streamline.
  • Replace your Narrow Minded with a R10 version.

This will give you a solid amount of Duration, Strength, and cap your Efficiency. You'll be able to spam Blessing to ensure your Eidolon Lures (and your team) don't die. If you own it, equip an Arcane Nullifier in this build to become immune to Magnetic procs.

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Red Crit Tank (0 Forma, Silence Subsume)

  • Forma: 0
  • Subsume: Silence (Banshee)

Trinity can become a red-critting machine with her Champion's Blessing mod and a few tweaks. This build is an upgrade over the starter build that makes you incredibly tanky, lets Trinity deal an absurd amount of damage with her Primary and Secondary weapons, and you'll be supporting your team with little issue.

Focus on reaching 223% Ability Strength, as this lets you fully strip armor with the Abating Link augment. We achieve this value using Blind Rage and Auger Secrets. From there, scale your Duration with Primed Continuity and Nira's Hatred. Finally, we use Adaptation to increase our survivability and Natural Talent to make weaving abilities much easier. Even with high Duration, Trinity needs to recast her abilities quite frequently, so we opt for more cast speed than another Duration mod.

The Exilus slot is up to you, but we highly recommend you use Combat Discipline as your aura. This causes you to take damage whenever you kill a foe. This has two benefits:

  1. You can easily build the Champion's Blessing buff without needing to drop your shields.
  2. You can maintain 100% uptime on certain Arcanes.

We use Arcane Avenger with this Aura to have 100% uptime on its +45% critical chance buff. This buff is additive, making your weapons crit far more frequently. Paired with Champion's Blessing, most weapons will orange or even red crit. The second Arcane is up to you. We recommend Molt Efficiency for some additional Ability Duration.

For Helminth, we subsume Well of Life for Banshee's Silence. This stuns targets that get in the range of your Link, making it much safer to play in close range. More importantly, Silence disables enemy abilities and Eximus auras, allowing Trinity to provide some useful debuffs for the team. If you need to keep something stunlocked, move away from the target until your Link vanishes, then walk near them to reapply Silence. It's an incredibly strong crowd control ability that doubles as a direct counter to Eximus targets.

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Energy Vampire Trinity (1 Forma, Voracious Metastasis Subsume)

  • Forma: 1 (V)
  • Subsume: None or Voracious Metastasis (Helminth)

While you don't see many players ask for EV Trinity players anymore, it's still a good build to have in your back pocket. This build focuses on using Energy Vampire to give your team infinite Energy, allowing them to spam their abilities with no regard for Energy costs.

Focus on lowering your Duration while increasing your Strength. We'll be using Fleeting Expertise and Transient Fortitude to reduce Trinity's duration to 12.5%, the lowest it can go. This makes Energy Vampire pulse four times in a second. To buff the Energy restored, we'll buff Strength by using Blind Rage, Transient Fortitude, and Augur Secrets. You can replace Augur Secrets with Umbral Intensify if you're willing to invest an Umbral Forma into Trinity.

Finally, we need Range to ensure the team receives the Energy. Max the Range stat by using Overextended, Stretch, Augur Reach, and Cunning Drift. This makes EV buff allies from 70 meters away, further than your default Affinity radius. Finally, we use Vampire Leech to give everyone overshields for free. Feel free to use any aura mod or Arcanes.

While not necessary, you can replace Trinity's first ability with Voracious Metastasis, a Helminth ability. This ability consumes a portion of your Energy to heal you, granting Energy to allies in Affinity range. It doesn't give nearly as much Energy as Energy Vampire, but it doesn't require an enemy to trigger either. If you can't tag someone with EV but your team needs Energy, use Voracious Metastasis.

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