Warzone 2 Will Wipe All Your DMZ Progress In Season 2

Sorry, DMZ fans, but you’ll have to restart from scratch next season. Infinity Ward has confirmed that all DMZ faction progress and inventories will be reset with the arrival of Warzone season 2 in February.

A recent blog update confirmed a whole host of changes coming to Call of Duty: Warzone 2 as well as its Escape from Tarkov-like game mode, DMZ. Besides one-vs-one Gulag fights returning and a general reduction of contract cash payouts, DMZ will see get new missions, easier AI enemies, and a full reset.

"All-new missions are coming to Season 02 including a refresh of your current Faction mission progress and an inventory (Contraband and Keys) reset," wrote Infinity Ward. More details will be confirmed in a later blog, but the news here is pretty devastating to players that have been grinding away at DMZ since day one.

"The quests are not fun enough for me to repeat them. Guess I'll quit DMZ then," wrote one Reddit user in a thread discussing the upcoming reset. "Sad, because I actually liked the mode. Would have preferred if they just added more quests and increase faction levels."

Many players noted that Escape from Tarkov also periodically resets player progress. Escape from Tarkov is technically still in beta, so progress resets are to be expected. One Redditor noted DMZ is also technically still a beta release, so resets are something that players could experience as Infinity Ward tries to balance the mode's economy. It might even become a regular seasonal event, although that hasn't been confirmed one way or another.

Although a "refresh" of faction mission progress sounds like it might not mean a full reset, the ModernWarzone Twitter account confirmed that all faction progress will be reset to tier 1. "Now players feel blindsided and like they wasted all their time and efforts for essentially nothing," the account added.

Warzone season 2 starts February 15. Expect a more detailed blog outlining the upcoming changes on February 8.

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