Warzone 2’s Next Map, Ashika Island, Arrives February 15 With Season 2

Ever since Warzone 2 arrived last November, it’s had one map: Al Mazrah. It’s a fine map, with plenty of sight lines, varied environments, and secrets for players to find, but it’s still just one map. Players have been calling for at least as much variety as the original Warzone, and it seems Infinity War has heard their calls.

Warzone 2 will receive a brand-new map alongside the Season 2 update. Called "Ashika Island," this smaller map is inspired by Japanese tourism, with a beach resort, a small urban center, and a towering central structure that looks much like Himeji Castle in Japan.

Alongside a central overview, Infinity Ward also released several smaller images that showcase some of Ashia Island’s points of interest. As you can see on the larger map, there’s an underground inlet that seems to run underneath Tsuki Castle, which is an ancient fortress that’s protected by stone walls. Tsuki Castle appears to be on a hill, making it the perfect location for snipers to set up shop.

Running alongside the edges of the island are various other locations, including Shipwreck and its two wrecked container ships, Beach Club and its protected beaches, and the industrial Port Ashika. There’s also Town Center, a slightly urban area that looks perfect for short to mid-range engagements.

Ashika Island will feature both Resurgence and DMZ. Resurgence is the smaller battle royale mode that drops the normal player count of 150 down to just 50. DMZ is the extract-style game mode that has players drop in, scrounge around for loot, complete a few missions, and then extract without getting murdered by other scroungers.

Ashika Island arrives alongside Warzone 2 Season 2 on February 15. DMZ players should prepare themselves not only for the new map, but also to restart from scratch after their progress gets wiped.

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