Warzone Players Report Return of Spiked Weapon Texture Glitch in Season 6

The “demon glitch” bug has returned to Call of Duty: Warzone for the second time.

Yup, it’s back. That glitch that turns gun models into spiky balls that are impossible to see past has returned with the Season 6 patch of Call of Duty: Warzone.

Originally rearing its ugly head back in August, what some players call the “demon glitch” caused textures in Warzone to go completely haywire. Instead of rendering smooth surfaces, objects turn into spiky balls of constantly shifting polygons. Worse, the spike mess is completely opaque, making it impossible for the player afflicted by the bug to see past their own nose.

We thought the issue was fixed for good after a few patches, but then the glitch came roaring back in the middle of September. Thankfully, it seemed to be less common than in the summer, but it’s still a horrible way to die in a Warzone match.

Now we have reports of the demon glitch coming back with the Season 6 update. Reddit user redcurbs recently recorded this Gulag match where the provided Striker .45 SMG blew up into a hellish sea urchin. The glitch seems similar to previous iterations, but now with an added twist: flashing green, yellow, and red lights.

Warzone’s demon polygon glitch is getting into the holiday spirit a little early.

The return of the demon glitch isn’t the only problem that came with Season 6. Warzone and Modern Warfare players are reporting frequent crashes across all platforms. Various rumors and theories are floating around the internet as to what’s causing the problem, but we do know that the issue is actively being looked into by Infinity Ward with the highest priority.

We’re expecting a hotfix to drop for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare soon. For those that are able to play the game, there are two new operators, two new weapons, and Verdansk has a brand new subway system for players to explore. Warzone will also receive a zombies mode later in October, too.

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