Warzone’s “Demon Glitch” Weapon Texture Bug Is Back

The weird graphical bug that turned guns into spiky demonic hedgehogs has returned to Call of Duty: Warzone.

Oh, great, not this again. That bug from last month that was causing the most heartbreaking ends to Warzone games has returned. Now, players can rarely expect to find a weapon they pick up to actually be a demonic polygonal hedgehog that’s impossible to see past the sights. Or even see the sights at all.

Reports are popping up on Reddit and Twitter of users stumbling across the bug. The cause is a graphical glitch in Warzone’s textures that makes the game wig out, throwing up a bunch of jagged and constantly morphing shapes that are completely opaque. This makes it impossible for the user to see past whatever gun they’ve got equipped unless they put it away in favor of using their bare fists.

Twitter user and Warzone streamer Frozone recently published a video of a tragic loss in the Gulag thanks to what is being dubbed the “demon glitch.” We’ve got no idea what Frozone was using as a weapon because it had glitched out into a spiky ball of hate. This led to him being unable to see anything at all and made him easy prey for his Gulag opponent.

So far, it doesn’t look like Infinity Ward is aware of the resurgent issue as there’s nothing on the developer’s Trello board currently. That’s sure to change as more reports of the demon glitch pop up on social media.

In slightly less depressing news, check out this video of a Warzone squad getting so overcome with hunger that they spend most of the match checking out a fast-food menu rather than tracking down people to murder.

Of course, this won’t be an issue if nobody can see past their own scopes.

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