Watch: Rayman 2 VR Fan-Remake Makes You Armless On Quest

What compelled someone to work on a Rayman 2 VR remake? I can only assume it was the platforming hero’s lack of arms, which helpfully does away with the pain of rendering them in VR.

But, whatever the excuse, this fan remake available to download on SideQuest is a nostalgic tech experiment. It’s just the very first area of the 1999 fan favorite, introducing you to the basics of the game but, as with most VR remakes, just seeing a world many have come to love fleshed out in VR is pretty incredible. Check it out in our short gameplay footage below.

Rayman 2 VR Remake Is A Nostalgic Trip

So, yes this is just a small bit of gameplay (mostly comprised of me trying and failing to climb a wall) but it does present some interesting ideas. For starters, Rayman’s iconic attack in which he throws his fists out, works very well in VR. You just hurl your arm forward and press the grab button and out your attacks go. It’s not the full rotating hand action many will be familiar with, but it works well.

I also really like holding out my arms to glide in a very Population: One-style mechanic. It’s the climbing that needs some work, though it is a nice idea for a workaround from the usual wall-jump.

The project’s developer says this is strictly a test only – there’s no way to beat the level or view the game’s cutscenes. They’re not taking donations for the project and will take it down should Ubisoft raise a complaint.

That said, it would definitely be cool to see a full Rayman game in VR at some stage. Ubisoft is currently busy with Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed VR games, though.

What do you make of this Rayman 2 VR fan-remake? Let us know in the comments below!


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