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Pokemon is hosting a Pokemon Presents later today. Here’s everything you need to know about the show, including how and when to watch it.

Pokemon celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and its fans are hungry for some big news regarding how exactly the event will be marked. Some of the ways in which Pokemon will celebrate turning 25 will be revealed later today. A Pokemon Presents will be taking place later today on Pokemon’s YouTube channel. You will be able to watch live below.

The Pokemon Presents will start at 10 am EST. A list of different start times throughout various timezones can be found below.

  • 10 am EST
  • 9 am CT
  • 7 am PDT
  • 3 pm GMT
  • 4 pm CET
  • 12 am JST (February 27, 2021)
  • 2 am ACT (February 27, 2021)

Even though today’s Pokemon Presents will take place before Pokemon Day in most parts of the world, fans are expecting some big announcements to take place.

The biggest expectation of all is that Pokemon will finally announce Diamond and Pearl remakes. The games have been rumored for a while and were hinted at in a major way by Pokemon a few days ago. A picture of Diamond and Pearl’s three starter Pokemon was tweeted from the franchise’s official account, accompanied by the caption “let’s go, Sinnoh”. That implies Sinnoh will be getting the same treatment as the Kanto region already has done on Switch.

Pokemon has already announced a lot of things that will be taking place over the weekend and throughout the year. On actual Pokemon day, so this Saturday, Post Malone will be performing a virtual concert. Perhaps the rapper will be surrounded by Sinnoh-based Pokemon, hence why the Pokemon Presents is taking place today instead of tomorrow.

It should be noted at this point that Pokemon fans might do well to not get their hopes up too high. As has been proved by last week’s Nintendo Direct and yesterday’s State of Play, letting your imagination run away with you can lead to disappointment. We could get the remakes we’re all hoping for, but it could also be nothing more than announcements regarding New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Unite.

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