"We Definitely Did Not" Look At Last-Gen As Much As PC And Next-Gen, Says CD Projekt

In an emergency late-night conference call on Monday night, representatives of CD Projekt Red met with its board of investors. The lengthy discussion, transcribed by Reddit user lonchu, mainly focused on the current state of Cyberpunk 2077 on last-gen hardware, as well as what future plans CDPR may have with the game going forward.

One line out of all proves the blatantly obvious, showcasing how CDPR knew about the game’s PS4/Xbox One performance issues and chose to hide them by only allowing reviewers to play the PC version. Dig a little deeper and it only gets worse from there…

User lonchu has designated each investor asking the questions with a corresponding letter in the alphabet and also expresses the fact that their native language is not English. The most shocking revelation comes from one investor, titled “C” in the transcription, who basically asks the CDPR representatives if Cyberpunk 2077 was rushed out of the door and if the developers underestimated the game’s past-generation system performance. The response: “We focused too much on PC performance and didn’t bother much with last-gen consoles. There was no out of ordinary amount of pressure to release the game.”

That “ordinary” pressure, most likely, being a need to meet the holiday spending spree. The conversation continues further into this territory, with the investor named “D” asking why PS4 and Xbox One gameplay was hidden from consumers. CDPR’s answer:

“We were updating this version until the very last minute and hoped we will make it in time. Because it was work in progress so we didn’t release it until like one day before launch but it was late and it’s entirely on CDPR.”

The company likewise takes the fall when asked how both Sony and Microsoft signed off on the poorly-optimized last-gen console experience, stating that both companies trusted CDPR to have the game ready by release, which clearly did not happen.

Another interesting point in the discussion describes the low-IQ in-game AI as a pseudo-bug of sorts. When asked specifically about this issue, as well as the accompanying bugs, crashes, and glitches, CDPR answers: “To be honest those are the same for us. AI and NPC behavior for us are the bugs.”

Cyberpunk 2077 may very well be playable and relatively good on PC (and even current-gen consoles), but no amount of future updates will change the role crunch played in the game’s development or how it exemplifies the flaws in the current review dynamic. As for future Cyberpunk 2077 content, much of the discourse in this conversation seems to point to far-off potentialities, with one investor’s question about both multiplayer and DLCs being answered with a simple, “Too early to tell.”

With a host of patches on the near-horizon and CDPR supposedly hard at work amending the various issues plaguing the game, Cyberpunk 2077 may well be best left alone until a more optimized version is realized.

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