Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Most anticipated video games

GameCentral readers reveal the games they’re most looking forward to this year and beyond, from Cyberpunk 2077 to Doom Eternal.

The subject for this weekend’s Inbox asked what future game are you most looking forward to at the moment? With Gamescom just finished the line-up for this year and the early part of 2020 is all but finalised, so what are you most interested in and have you already pre-ordered it?

There were no surprises about the most popular games but many did seem to think that it was a fairly poor Christmas line-up this year and that it was actually next spring that has the most interesting games scheduled for it.


Game of the year

The thing about this question is that the rest of the year isn’t looking too exciting but March through May next year is looking fantastic: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Watch Dogs Legion, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Cyberpunk 2077, and is a hell of a line-up Marvel’s Avengers that is miles better than anything out this Christmas.

The number one choice though has got to be Cyberpunk 2077. The game just sounds amazing and given the quality of The Witcher 3 I just find it impossible to imagine that it won’t be one of the best games ever.

I’ll be watching the new footage next week with great interest but I also like the fact that we basically know nothing about the story yet except a few details about Keanu Reeves’ character. That means the whole thing is going to be a complete surprise when I start playing, which I cannot wait for.


Putting the band back together

I’ve been waiting years for Borderlands 3 so I’ve got to say that. Everything so far looks great and I appreciate their attitude to microtransactions and DLC. The free one for Borderlands 2 is one of the most fun things I’ve played all year and has totally got me stoked for the new game.

I just hope I can get my old gang back together for it though. We haven’t played together since the early days of Destiny 1, since there haven’t been any major co-op games since then that we all liked. That and the whole family responsibilities thing.

If Borderlands 3 is as good as I hope it could be the excuse to get everyone back together though as it is absolutely the sort of game that you have to play with other people. It’s one of the arlier games of the season too, so that’s good.


The important things

I really want to say I’m looking forward to Shenmue III but apart from the fact that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was delayed again I have a feeling it’s going to be disappointing. The graphics look borderline embarrassing and they don’t seem to be trying to update the gameplay at all.

I didn’t back the game but I was intending to buy it, but now I’m not so sure. It’s one I’ll definitely be waiting for the reviews for, and possibly the sales.

In terms of what I’m more positive for I’m hoping that The Outer Worlds turns out to be something special and something to take the bad taste of Fallout 76 (and, to a degree, Fallout 4) away. Again, the graphics don’t look great but that’s not really important as long as the gameplay and story are good and that’s what I’m hoping for this one.


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The nerdiest part

I’m not really one for getting to invested in games when they’re not out. I’ve been stung too many times by the hype not matching up to the final product and would certainly not pre-order anything. That said I am curious to see how Control turns out, as I’ve liked all of Remedy’s previous stuff, even Quantum Break.

That’s out next week but I’m also intrigued by Concrete Genie from Sony, The Outer Worlds, and Death Stranding for this year. I would say I don’t know what’s out next year but it’s pretty hard to miss the hype for Cyberpunk 2077 and Final Fantasy VII Remake, and I do admit they seem interesting.

The nerdiest part of me is also curious about Marvel’s Avengers which looks like it could be quite good after all. I’m curious enough that I’ll keep an eye out for a beta, but that’s all.


Slight suspense

Without a doubt, I’m eagerly anticipating Luigi’s Mansion 3 more than any other announced game.

While I’m loving the look of the game from the footage shown so far, my anticipation for it mostly stems from my nostalgia from playing the original Luigi’s Mansion.

I must’ve been 11 when the GameCube came out and I remember reading about this amazing new console for months and months before its release. This led to me saving up my pocket money and any cash received for my birthdays and Christmases for however long so I could contribute to getting a GameCube when it was finally released in the UK.

When the GameCube eventually came out, I remember being blown away by the graphics of Luigi’s Mansion, where it looked even better than in the magazines (this was pre-Internet, for my house!) And it played amazingly too, where it felt so satisfying searching for ghosts using Luigi’s torch and vacuuming them up with the Poltergust. I was completely in awe of the GameCube and Luigi’s Mansion from the get-go.

I was as surprised as anyone when Luigi’s Mansion 2 was announced for the 3DS however many years later, and enjoyed playing through it just as much as its predecessor. It was one of the few games I played on the 3DS, which is a system I didn’t put much time into, for some reason.

It’s hard to nail down why I enjoy this series so much but I think it’s the blend of humour and slight suspense, created by knowing a family-friendly jump-scare could be around any corner. Safe to say, I can’t wait to jump into what looks to be the biggest and, dare I jinx it, best game in the series when Luigi’s Mansion 3 comes out on Halloween.


Paying extra

Really looking forwards to Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Can’t believe they decided to remake such an old Game Boy game but I absolutely loved that as a kid and the update looks to be spot on from what I would’ve wanted.

I liked the look of it so much I got the Collector’s Edition on pre-order. It’s only available in Europe and looks great – the Game Boy-shaped SteelBook alone is pure love. I know that’s jacking up the price even more on a game that’s probably not going to be that long but if it’s as good as I’m hoping it’ll be money well spent for me.


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Long wait

Out of a list of games including Watch Dogs Legion, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Cyberpunk 2077, etc. it’s The Elder Scrolls VI which ultimately I can’t wait for. Ever since stepping into Oblivion’s world of Tamriel and experiencing its fantastical landscapes, I could just not get enough of this magical place set in a Lord of the Rings type of environment.

Adding up the game time in Skyrim and Oblivion together the hours seem endless but well spent. Basically, I feel that these games deliver in pretty much every area you can imagine for gamers who lived on fantasy books and films growing up. It’s like living a dream that keeps on giving and so far, despite many hours involved in the games environment and lore, I am not done with them yet.

Overall, I am curious as to what advancements have been made since Skyrim which seems an awfully long time ago now. Since then we have had The Witcher 3, Metro Exodus, and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and the bar has been raised very high for open world games. What have Bethesda learned and have any fundamental mistakes been corrected along the way? Will combat have to be changed a lot to meet modern day standards? The graphical and artwork styles will have to be raised again with even more interaction with all types of varying environmental conditions.

To me it seems like a very, very high bar. Hearthfire was an idea which sort of failed or was just not made grand enough, as it was a difficult gaming mechanic to implement. But now in a new Elder Scrolls game it could be developed into a better part and use for the main game. Towns or cities could be created, controlled and entwined intrinsically into the storyline.

Bethesda really do have to make up some lost ground after some less than successful titles (for some critics and gamers anyway). I believe that Bethesda are more than capable of succeeding with Todd Howard at the helm, who does at least listen to us gamers and can take criticism. I say good luck to them and fingers crossed it will be a great gaming moment when it’s released, with very favourable scores from most of the reviewers.

GC: Unlike those other games The Elder Scrolls VI is many years away from release, or even from being seen in anything more than a teaser.


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