When does Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost 2019 start?

Eris Morn is back, and things about to get spooky. (Well, spookier).

The moon is haunted, the Vex are doing something weird, and there are more Guardians than ever crowding the various extra-terrestrial surfaces of Destiny 2's ever-growing world.

They all need something to unite them, cheer them up, make them appreciate their precious Light whilst they've still got it.

To that end, Bungie has announced it will be bringing Festival of the Lost back to the game later this month, complete with all the spooky shenanigans we've seen in years past.

This time, now that Bungie is out from the looming presence of big daddy Activision, the cosmetic items in the game should be slightly more reasonably organised and players should see a slightly fairer ecosystem in play.

Here's what we know about the Festival of the Lost so far.

Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2019 – Start Time

Bungie has announced that Festival of the Lost 2019 will begin on October 29th, 2019 and run until November 19th, 2019.

Currently, we do not know what else will run during this time period, but this will be the only event taking place in Destiny 2 (after Master Nightmare Hunts and the Exotic Quest for Leviathan's Breath go live on October 22nd).

We anticipate there will be a fair amount of content in the game for the event, similar to last year's Festival of the Lost.

The event will be free to all players whether they've picked up Shadowkeep or not.

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