Where Is Attack On Titan Episode 73 And When Will It Air?

Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) has become an essential staple of my Sunday nights. It signals the end of the weekend, and it does so with a bang. Usually when I am miserable about going to sleep and getting ready for work the next day, Attack on Titan leaves me feeling elated and ready to tackle the week ahead with a cry of “Shinzou wo sasageyo!” But, unfortunately, not this week, because Attack on Titan episode 73 – or episode 14 of season 4 – has been delayed.

This is an unfortunate event but it was also unavoidable, and in this guide we’re going to outline exactly why this has happened, and when we can expect Attack on Titan episode 73 to make its streaming service debut, so we can finally see what happens next with Eren and the Jaegerites. I wouldn’t feel so sad about this if the last episode hadn’t ended on such a ridiculously hype note.

Why Is Attack On Titan Episode 73 Delayed?

Unfortunately, this event is out of everyone’s hands: Attack on Titan episode 73 has been delayed as there was an earthquake off the coast of Japan, and the broadcasting network that was due to debut the new Attack on Titan episode was instead tasked with showing ongoing earthquake coverage. I’m sure you already know all about Japan’s history with earthquakes and tsunamis, especially in recent years, so it’s entirely understandable that they’re prioritising coverage of the event so people can stay safe. This is more important than the latest episode of your favourite anime, regardless of how you may feel about it right now.

The good news is that there doesn’t seem to be any major reported damage or injury to the people of Wakayama, but it’s understandable that there would be ongoing coverage of the event in case of potential tsunamis or aftershocks. The news that everyone seems to be okay is a massive relief to everyone worldwide.

When Will Attack On Titan Episode 73 Air?

Don’t expect it to be any time soon. Attack on Titan is a fairly “adult” show in terms of how fast and loose it plays with blood, gore, dismemberment, etc. As a result it can’t air at any time of the day, and of course Japan’s networks already have robust schedules in place for airing shows that can’t be mixed around too much.

The most likely result is that we will be able to see Attack on Titan episode 73 next week, at the usual time. For a breakdown of when you can expect to see the episode in your region, please make sure to check our guide.

Waiting for a full week to get our Attack on Titan fix is a bit frustrating, but it’ll be worth it to see what Eren will do next while sat down with Mikasa, Armin, and Gabi. Manga readers, no spoilers please.

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