Wii Fit Grandmother Has Spent Almost 5,000 Days Exercising In-Game

When the pandemic hit and gyms were forced to close, many looked for alternatives to working out at home. Ring Fit Adventure for Switch filled that void, but one Grandmother is still getting her work out on in an old classic, Wii Fit. She’s so dedicated, in fact, that she just hit 4,784 total days in-game. Quite an accomplishment.

What makes this story even more interesting is that the Grandmother who will earn the title of Wii Fit Queen has been doing this for the past ten years, according to Nintendo Life. Her Grandson George Perkins is also the founder of Super Rare Games, a company that specializes in special editions of Indie Switch games. Safe to say that gaming and now exercise run in the family.

It’s not uncommon to see older generations getting into gaming especially during the pandemic. A recent study shows that they are killing it in games like Candy Crush Minecraft and GTA 5. So, don’t count out your parents or grandparents when it comes to gaming skills.

Another grandmother who is known as “The Animal Crossing” Grandmother became so well known thanks to how many hours she spent playing too. An impressive almost 3,500 hours were logged in Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS.

Nintendo ended up making a villager based on her that can be seen in New Horizons. Fans even raised funds to get her a Nintendo Switch to make sure she could continue her journey. You know you’ve made it when you get added to the very game you love playing.

Perhaps Wii Fit grandmother will also get a GoFundMe to upgrade her exercise skills with games like Ring Fit, and Fitness Boxing on the Nintendo Switch. It’s stories like this that can encourage younger generations to get up and move more.

What better way to do it than with a video game? E3 is just on the horizon, perhaps a new fitness video game craze game will be revealed. Until then, perhaps it’s time to dust off your copy of Ring Fit and get moving, a new exercise mat is being released this summer so no better time to jump back in.

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