Will Smith is coming to Fortnite and so is Morty from and Rick and Morty

You’ll soon be able to play as Big Willie himself in Fortnite, via a new Bad Boys tie-in, as news of J Balvin and Morty are also leaked.

At this point it’s not clear whether Epic Games is even trying to keep things secrets when it comes to new Fortnite skins but, yet again, news has leaked out about three upcoming ones ahead of time.

There are already plenty of movie characters in the game, but one unexpected inclusion is Will Smith as Mike Lowery from Bad Boys.

There doesn’t seem to be any particular reason why he’s being added right now, given there’s no new Bad Boys movie due out at soon, but it’s Will Smith, so why not?

While Will Smith is a surprise the addition of Morty is more predictable, since Rick is already in the game. Morty is wearing a karaoke mech suit by default and has cosmetics including backbling and a space snake pickaxe.

The final discovery is J Balvin who is *checks Wikipedia* a Colombian singer. Whether his inclusion is a prelude to him giving a concert in Fortnite, as Ariana Grande recently did, is unknown but he’s also got his own set of cosmetics, including ‘Real’ backbling and a pickaxe, a ‘Balvin Cruiser’ glider, and an ‘In Da Party’ emote.

At this point it really does seem as if anyone could appear in Fortnite, even if increasingly few of them are surprises when it comes to the official announcements.

The only thing the leaks don’t reveal is when any of them will be available, but there’s rarely more than a week or two between a leak and the final release.

Since this was leaked already, Upcoming J Balvin Skin! (thanks to @Not0fficer for the help)

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