Windows 10 Is Getting A Setup Option Optimised For Gaming

If you’re gaming on PC, you’re most likely doing it on Windows. Steam’s latest hardware and software survey revealed that nearly 90% of users are on Windows 10, which makes it the most gamed-on OS outside of consoles.

It makes sense for Windows to cater directly to gamers. Thus, Microsoft is toying with the idea of customization options during Windows 10 setup that will optimize the operating for its intended usage.

In a preview of development build 20231, Microsoft showcased what might become a standard feature in future Windows builds. During the initial setup after freshly installing Windows 10, the user will be confronted with a page that asks for the intended use of the device. Six options are listed, including Schoolwork, Family, Entertainment, Creativity, Business, and of course, Gaming.

The descriptions of each option are super basic. Gaming, for example, just says: “Play and discover games, keep up with new releases.” One suspects this means that the Xbox Store will be front and center so that the user can keep up with the aforementioned new releases.

We’re assuming because there’s not much info on just what this new gaming setting actually does. Microsoft said that “Insiders may notice different options presented in OOBE depending on what they select, however at this time Insiders will not notice any other configuration differences after exiting OOBE.”

So that means there’s no difference between a regular install and this new “Gaming” install of Windows 10. Microsoft said that they’re just “exploring” this new page during setup and that they may actually tweak the install in certain ways in the future. As of now, the only way of seeing this new install screen is to perform a fresh install of Windows 10.

What might those tweaks entail? Having Windows’ Game Mode on by default seems like a no-brainer, but we wouldn’t put it past Microsoft to make a specific “gamer” theme for Windows 10 users that select Gaming during installation.

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